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We have a batch that fails intermittently. The error messages come back as "batch failed" with no other information. We can reschedule the batch and it will run normally until it fails again. Since it is intermittent we can't catch anything in the debug logs, we had them running for weeks at a time with no success. We have checked our release schedule and the release schedule of the integrated platform and the timing is not consistent with the failures, so we are assuming our code is not to blame. 

Has anyone else run into something like this, was there a resolution?

Example of failed batch.
I'm a new admin and we have a very complicated instance. I've been working to map Conga templates for our Sales Agreements to specific Opp types (Renewal) and Pricing Types, which appear on a picklist.

I would really appreciate some guidance - I have a github gist link if you're interested in helping with this. We'll probably have to do a Hangout and screenshare to fully understand the situation - too much to write here.

Thanks so much for your time!