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I have a simple package which will shortly be going for security review for the appexchange.

All of the interactivity is with the standard fields on Lead/Contact/Account objects, but I need to make sure those fields are accessible for the user.

I tried adding a Permission Set with the required permissions in it, but that doesn't seem to bring the permissions over when installed.

What's the best way to do this?

We have 2 Quote Record Types (Draft and Approved).  In the Draft layout, the Create PDF and Email buttons are removed.  We do not want users to create a PDF (whether SF lets you e-mail it or not) until the quote is approved.  We have an approval process that changes the record type to Approved (which exposes the Create PDF and Email) buttons.  However, we are seeing users say that they are receiving 'Insufficient Priveleges' message for this.  I suspect that this is because the approval process locks the quote (once approved, the user shouldn't be able to change anything).


So how can we enable the ability to create a PDF from a locked quote?


This must be a silly question, but I am not able to override help link for a standard object (e.g. Opportunity) with a VF page although for custom object it is pretty easy. Kindly help me



Hello All,


I am a developer / analyst in various technologies like ASP.NET, SAP ABAP , Salesforce APEX / Visual force 

I am salesforce certified administator.  I am also planniing to take my Dev 401 certification.

Working as a Salesforce Developer with experience writting few trigger, modifying existing APEX classes creatng few visual force pages since last 1 year.

I want to take my Salesforce skills (Admin + Dev) to next level


I also try to read about some domain specific iinformation like order to cash and other business process as I want to be a CRM domain expert with really strong salesforce foundational knowledge.


Please give me few pointers to improve my skills things that I should do on regular basis, blogs I should read, practices that I should follow, Coding problems that I can slove that will help me achive  what I want.



I know its kind of wiered place to ask such question but truely we are like minded people here who are passionate about Salesforce technology and I believe that I will get help from the experts here.


Thank you in advance for your advice, time and sharing some of your best practices and wiisedome !!!



  • May 27, 2013
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      I am working in a  calender  app , for this i am using jquery calender, when i click any date . I need to create an event and need to store in salesforce object .

  By default jquery calender , creating event is achieved . i need to know how to store created event data in object.


Any help appreciated. Thanks




































Hi, What I would like to do is have an email sent when a field is changed. The problem I am having is that I don't want this email sent when the field is being changed from blank to populated. Only when a value in it is being changed.  Below is the code that I have tried using to do this, would there be any other suggestions? Many thanks

NOT(ISNULL( Assessment_Date__c ))


i need a trigger code which will convert the lead into account automatically. 

What are ALLDAYEVENTS and MULTIDAYEVENTS? Select 2 options

a) Event Standard Fields
b) SFDC standard Fields
c) Standard fields in Workflow
d) Standard field in Ideas


When a custom object is on the detail side of a master-detail relationship with a standard object, what is its organization-wide default setting?

1. It is set to Controlled by Parent and it is not editable.
2. It is set to Controlled by Detail and it is not editable.
3. It’s not editable
4. None of the above

There are two M-D relationship has to be created on object X . The first m-d relation is created is the primary relationship. What is the effect of the primary relationship on X.

1. Custom Report Type are limited to two primary relationship
2. The primary set cannot b deleted
3. there will be no effect on X
4. X will inherit the look n feel of the primary master object.

32. There are two M-D relationship has to be created on object X . The first m-d relation is created is the primary relationship. What is the effect of the primary relationship on X.

1. Custom Report Type are limited to two primary relationship
2. The primary set cannot b deleted
3. there will be no effect on X
4. X will inherit the look n feel of the primary master object.


33. Which among these cant b used in a user object.(Select 3 Options)

1. tagging
2. custom field
3. custom button
4. related list



Canu u explain the answer?


I have a custom checkbox Lost__c on opportunity product so when you edit the product added on the opportunity, you can set that the product isn’t sold.

I want that if the checkbox is true:

1)Copy Unit Price in a custom field named OfferedPrice__c

2) Set  UnitPrice to zero;

I have written the following code,

trigger LostProduct on OpportunityLineItem (before update)
   Set<Id> Ids = new Set<Id>();
       for (OpportunityLineItem oppli: Trigger.new){
   \\ GET THE OLD OPPORTUNITY lINE ITEM                 
   List <OpportunityLineItem> oppsec=[Select Id,OfferedPrice__c,UnitPrice From OpportunityLineItem  Where id in: Ids]; 
   List<OpportunityLineItem> ListOpp = new List<OpportunityLineItem>();           
    for (OpportunityLineItem opproduct: Trigger.new){  
             if (opproduct.Lost__c==True){
             opproduct.OfferedPrice__c= opproduct.UnitPrice;




but i get this error message:


Apex trigger LostProduct caused an unexpected exception, contact your administrator: LostProduct: execution of BeforeUpdate caused by: System.DmlException: Update failed. First exception on row 0 with id 00kJ0000006in6cIAA; first error: SELF_REFERENCE_FROM_TRIGGER, Object (id = 00kJ0000006in6c) is currently in trigger LostProduct, therefore it cannot recursively update itself: []: Trigger.LostProduct: line 23, column 1



 Where i am wrong? Do is necessary get the old record?


Thank you in advance.


  • May 20, 2013
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Hi there,


I just recently posted a question regarding accomplishing a scenario with an Onclick Javascript custom button. After thinking it through further, I've decided that it may not be the best route to take.


The scenario is as follows:


We are re-designing the request a quote process from our opportunity record. My original idea was that we could really make this easy for the sales team by doing the following:


1. Create a custom button (either visualforce button that called a custom controller, or an Onclick Javascript button)

2. Pressing the button would update fields on the opportunity and also create a new related quote record.

3. Based on the actions from #2, we could create workflow that would alert the appropriate people, track date stamps, etc.


The problem with this method is that our validation requirements are too great, there are mutiple things that need to be true or populated on the opportunity record before a quote can be requested.


So, to me, that rules out the following:


1. Onclick Javascript button - we can't do this, because we really need to highlight the fields for the user so they can quickly figure out what they need to do to successfully request a quote. The prompt that you can make show up with the javascript button is not as intutive as highlighting each field in red.

2. If we created a Visualforce button that called a custom controller that did all of the same actions as described above, we run into the same issue, because this would occur before any validation rules could fire, and we need the validation rules to highlight any required fields that the user failed to populate before making the quote request. My understanding is that you could do this, but you would have to rebuild the entire opportunity page in visualforce, but we don't want that level of effort of maintenance (please correct me if i'm wrong on this one)


With that said, it sounds like we really only have one option:


1. Create a checkbox called, "Request a Quote"

2. Enforce that all criteria is met with validation rules before save

3. Have a trigger that upon save, creates the related quote record



So, I'm looking for confirmation on all that I've stated above. It would be really nice to make a "Request a Quote" button that the user could just press and it perform all the actions described - but from what I've read, there's no way to use salesforce.com validation rules when doing that. And the only way to mimic the validation rule functionality would be to rebuild the opportunity page as a visualforce page.


Finally, If all of the above can be confirmed, I was hoping to get help on how to write this trigger, as I am a complete newbie. The trigger would just need to do the following:


When the opportunity record was saved, and the "request a quote" checkbox was true:


1. Create a related quote record

2. Autopopulate the quote name with either "PQ" or "CQ", based on a picklist we would have on the opportunity

3. If a quote had already been created for this opportunity, there would be some sort of prompt or error that would say, "A Quote has already been requested for this Opportunity" (This is because we do all quote revisioning from the quote level itself).


This is a pretty lenghthy read/question, so I greatly appreciate anybody willing to offer help/advice, thanks!!!!

Hi Somebody can post the summer 13 release notes.In the documentation section the release notes can't opned correctly.Salesforce support can help us posting correct PDF file.



  • May 15, 2013
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