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Hi All,

I am a newbie in salesforce and I have a question on role hierarchy. 

On the role edit page, I can see only 'Opportunity Access' and 'Case Access' options, I am not able to see any Other Objects like 'Leads Access' etc even though i set the OWD access to 'Private'. Is there anything else that i have to do for the objects to appear on the role edit screen?

Hi All,

   In Opportunity object Can a textbox be enabled (made visible) after a certain value from a picklist is selected, such as "Other"?  This will allow the user to define a reason for this value.  If so, how would I accomplish this? Im using PE

Hello Group,


                 I have Faculty(Name, Status("Available", "Assigned")) and Schedule(Name , Faculty, From Date, To Date) Sobjs

 so, My requirement is when i create a Faculty record with Satus is "Available" and it should change to "Assigned" one day after  ToDate . I have tried to achieve this  but iam not able to reach my requirement....


       Please help  me how to achieve this in a detail way


     Thanks for giving reply (in advance)



          Thanks and Regards



Do you know if i can add a custom button on product section on opportunity?That is near the buttons ADD PRODUCT_CHOOSE PROCE BOOK_SORT


To solve this I have created a Detail Page custom button (OpportunityProduct---->Buttons and Links).

After I have added it to the page layout.

I don't see this button nowhere and i don't know if it's the right button's type.

Where can i find it?




Thank you in advantage



  • May 17, 2013
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