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Hi Experts! 


I was just curious about the infrastructure of salesforce. Want to understand how is so much data processed within so less time. 

Its on the cloud and the data is stored on remote servers. If I am sitting in Australia and accessing the system its as fast as It would be if I were sitting in North America, where the data centers are located.


Seems like a silly question but it would be great to understand the basic structure how it is built.


Thanks you any suggestions and answers in advance! 



  • September 11, 2013
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All the Accounts should become inactive automatically after end date.



Can anyone tell us how to overide the OOB reputation levels in Chatter answers. I found a standard object "ChatterAnswersReputationLevel" where these seems to be stored but it is not exposed directly. Can some one confirm if we need to make api call to this object to modify it.


Are there any direction configuration options to achieve this goal.




Silly question here but:  Does the unique MyDomain qualify for both production and sandbox instances? I would think so, but just want to double check out there.


So I could:

Register "crazydomain" in the sandbox and have:



And register "crazydomain" in Production and have:



(of course, I'd have to reserve/register in both places)

  • September 11, 2012
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