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Hi All,
I have one custom object. When ever I insert record on that custom object, I want to create a task in open activities of account object.
I want to write batch apex for this.
How can I achieve this?
Please share syntax for the same if you have.

Thanks in Advance

Hello Team,

I need to populate a custom field on activities with the related opportunity type. If I create a formula, i cannot reach the opportunity object.

I'm not sure if I need to use apex to get this sorted.

Please give me a workaround.

I am new to sfdc please some one help me out.
In opportunity i need to have a custom "button". when i click a button it must open a popup and get all users with search functionality in it. When i select a user and click on "save" it must change the opportunity owner to the user. main functionality is assigning user to opportunity after creation. Thanks in advance.