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I am trying to update a Visualforce page that we use to override the Contact Detail page to show Chatter data as well as Social Contacts.  Chatter seems to be fairly easy to enable from the apex:detail tag.  Social Contacts seems to only be available via the <social:profileViewer> tag.  When I add this tag, I end up with a second header with the Contact name underneath the original header with the Contact name and Chatter info.


Is there a way to merge this data into a single header like native pages do?



VF snippet:

<apex:page id="MyPage" standardController="contact" name="ContactBusinessUser" extensions="Contact_BusinessUserController" >
<social:profileViewer entityId="{!contact.id}"/>

<apex:detail subject="{!$CurrentPage.parameters.id}" relatedList="true" inlineEdit="true" onComplete="EnableDisableButtons()" id="Contact_BusinessUser" showChatter="true"/>


Hi All,i have overridden edit button for a particular requirement such that if i edit a record of a particular record type it should get directed to visual force page else it  should be directed to standard page.But when i direct to a standard page the inline editing gets disabled for the standard page.Please provide some solution.


The second one is on overriding edit button the  security of the profiles also gets overridden.... which will lead to security issues



Guys Any pointers on this ???