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    I have to code for a batch job which uploads a file from the computer on a given selected time.

Kindly help 

Criteria: "Contact Record Type  equals 'Expat' and Status equals 'Submitted' " only these records want to share to one user. I created 3 records those satisfied the criteria but still these contact records are not displaying to the user.  Created this sharing rule if satisfied sharing these records to one role i.e "CMP" role. when the users belongs to that "CMP" role logged in they are not able to see the records.


is there any other things will override sharing settings or any other reason for that not displaying records to user.


Please give the ideas on this.



where is sfdc sample projects available with source code ? and  what is the functional flow of salesforce?

thanks in advance 

Hello, I'm trying to send an Email from one org to another, according to the debug logs the email is sent correctly but it is not being received on the other side.

I have tried sending the email to my address and it arrives with the correct data, then I have forwarded that email to the receiving org and it is received without problems but whenever I try to send it directly from one org to another the mail is never received (I have received delivery errors the day after sending emails).

Any help you can provide with this one will be appreciated, thanks.


i need a help from you, for creating Opportunity edit page with functionality means Save, save&new and cancel buttons.

so any one can please help me.



  • June 20, 2013
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Can anyone suggest the best way  or Tool to merge accounts in Salesforce to remove duplicate accounts from the system. While merging accounts, oneaccount should be selected as the master account to remain in the system.


All related objects (eg: contacts, opportunities, etc.) from the

secondary account(s) should be attached to the master account, automatically, and remain in the system.


Thanks in Advance :)



Guys i need help on an after insert trigger i am NEW to apex.


i need to use and apex trigger i am writing the scenerio please Help me


i have three objects A, B and C


B has a lookup field with A so when u create a record in B then u have to select from Lookup Field of A


and when u create the Record of B then a new record will be created in Object C and two fields of Object A will be copied in two fields of Object C. lets say two fields are SMALL and LARGE.



Hi All,


In my Client requirement I want to develope Customlookup to Employee object. It has contains column like Name ,department,email,region.This lookup field is in Account object.If user click this looup then it will fetch employee value.How to write Controller and page?Pls help me give examples









I have a dynamic object edit page that takes an object's name and then displays all of the fields that it has dynamically. However, it seems like the order in which these fields are displayed is somewhat random (It is not alphabetically ordered like in the schema, and it is not ordered the same that it is displayed in the object itself).


Does anyone know where this ordering is coming from? I want to retain a dyamic edit page without manually having to re-order the fields for each object (Which destroys the utility of a dynamic object edit page anyways). 




  • June 13, 2013
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