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can we import custom field data....like a field with type of picklist?

would like to delete an email alert created by a time trigger on opportunity object. we can do it from the interface from Monitor -> time based workflow tab. how to do it using triggers? what is the api name for timebased workflow tab under monitor header?

trigger AddressFieldUpdateOnContacts on Account (after update) {

    set<ID> accountIDs = new set<ID>();
    for(account a : Trigger.new){
    List<Contact> contactList = [select ID, name, accountID from contact where accountID = :accountIDs];
    Account a = Trigger.new[0];
    for (contact c : contactList){
        c.MailingCity = a.BillingCity;
        update contactList;

  • November 01, 2013
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I'm interested in migrating from eclipse into the developer console, but I'm struggling with how big the font is as well as the awkward coloring system. Is there a way where I can customize this? I didn't see any options in the console itself.

Hi All,

    I've read through the documentation, logged a case with SFDC, and still am having trouble finding an answer to my question.  I'm implementing Delegated Authentication and SSO in a sandbox organization and was wondering how to lock out users with these features enabled from test.salesforce.com?  In other words, if a Single Sign on User tries to log in with test.salesforce.com, it should error out and not let the user log in.  How do I do this while still keeping Delegated Authentication enabled?  Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi ,


I am having an issue with javascript in Console. which is working fine in out of  console.  below is my code. i am not sure how to pass parameteres in console.

{srcUp('https://imagenow.com/webnow/index.jsp?action=document&folder= {!SUBSTITUTE( Contact.emplid__c , " ", "+") }'); 
} else { 
window.open('https://imagenow.com/webnow/index.jsp?action=document&folder= {!SUBSTITUTE( Contact.emplid__c , " ", "+") }'); 


Any help would be appriciated.

For Salesforce API Enterprise WSDL is strongly typed and Partner WSDL is loosely typed.
Q1.What does this exactly means and how to test this behavior?
Q2.Where can we use Enterprise/Partner wsdl and why?
Q3.What are the advantages of using Partner wsdl over Enterprise wsdl?
Q3.What will happen if we just only use Partner wsdl instead of using Enterprise wsdl?


We are currently using a homegrown SSO system using SAML for our customer portal.  We are looking to migrate to another system but are having problems to find the right solution among so many options and prices. So, I am looking for some recommendations from people with experience implementing SAML with salesforce and the systems they have used. 


Thanks in advance.

I'm trying to implement the <support:clickToDial> component on a visualforce page, and it won't connect to the CTI adapter (Shoretel). It just has a greyed out phone icon and when you hover over it it says "Click to Dial Disabled". We know that the CTI adapter is set up correctly because we can click on normal phone fields within salesforce.