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Hi all,


we are planning to launch chatter desktop for the whole company at once, however, to do that we are in need of .msi package as most of the workstations are windows based. do you have a handy solution in place ?


Many thanks for your replies,



I need to write a validation rule for Opportunity Object. I have two standard field Stage and Probability.




When Stage= Plan is selected from the StageName picklist field the probability by default is 1% but user can edit this.

Now i have to write a validation rule for this in which i can restrict user so that they can enter only three values for stage=Plan manually. The values are 1%,0% and 2%. If user enters probabilty apart from this for the Stage=Plan then error has to be thrown. 


I am doing like this but this formula is not working:


IF(AND( ISPICKVAL(StageName,'Plan '), OR((Probability =0.01),(Probability=0),(Probability=0.02))),true,false)


Need help in this.



  • June 24, 2013
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