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I have a custom component:


<apex:component controller="ComponentController">    
  <apex:attribute name="info" type="Info" description="..." required="true" access="public" assignTo="{!lInfo}"/>

  <apex:dynamicComponent componentValue="{!lComponent}" />


 with a custom controller:


public with sharing class ComponentController {

	public ApexPages.Component lComponent { 
		get {
			System.debug('HERE100:' + lComponent);
			return lComponent;
		private set; 
	public Info lInfo {  
		set {
			System.debug('HERE101:' + value);
			info = value;
			... do some stuff to calculate lComponent

    public ComponentController() {


When I run it, the getter for lComponent is called before the setter for lInfo.


However, if I replace the dynamicComponent element with just {!lComponent}, setter for lInfo is called before the getter for lComponent.


Is there any way to force the getter and setter to be called in the correct order when using dynamicComponent?






  • July 16, 2013
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I want to implement pagination in my visualforcepage on a custom object using a custom controller,with a limit of about 10 records per page and having all the pagenumbers and prevoius and next and lastpage links like:


first,next,1,2,3...Lastpage....  links...


Can any body pls help...




  • July 10, 2013
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I need to have an apex-class which can close open Cases. 

I tried to update Case.status = "Closed", but the Case is not closed after this update. 
Case.isclosed is not writeable. Is there a possibility to close a case with apex? 

i.e. like Database.leadconvert() ?