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I am looking for a salesforce certified developer to clean up and complete several projects for large telecom companies.  If you have API experience, experience with Telecom and are USbased I want to speak to you ASAP.

Please contact me ar pkeane@salesreachsoftware.com or 843-321-4216.

Pete Keane
SalesReach Software, LLC
Hilton Head, SC 
I need to allow users to see more fields on the page layout based on criteria entered. For example if checkbox is true then show additional fields on layout. Or if picklist value = criteria 1 then display additional fields but if = criteria 2 Then show other fields.

I know I can do this with a workflow update to change the record type.  But I want to avoid using too many record types.  Can it be done any other way?
Job brief

We are looking for a customer service oriented Software Application Support Specialist to provide technical support to users in an efficient and accurate manner.  The position is located in Bluffton, SC close to Savannah GA and Hilton head Island SC. You will be considered as the firm’s front line and you will solve basic salesforce.com technical problems and provide support for all assigned areas. The goal is to make sure that customer value is maintained to the standards set forth by the company. We will train qualified candidates for this position.


Provide first level contact and convey resolutions to customer issues
Properly escalate unresolved queries to the next level of support
Track, route and redirect problems to correct resources
Update customer data and produce activity reports
Remotely install and setup application software
Walk customers through problem solving process
Follow up with customers, provide feedback and see problems through to resolution
Utilize excellent customer service skills and exceed customers’ expectations
Ensure proper recording, documentation and closure
Recommend procedure modifications or improvements
Preserve and grow your knowledge of help desk procedures, products and services through independent learning and company provided training.


Proven working experience in providing technically oriented support
Proficiency in English
Working knowledge of cloud based software, salesforce.com, databases and remote control
Strong client-facing and communication skills
Advanced troubleshooting and multi-tasking skills
Familiarity with cloud computing and/or telecommunications is a plus
Customer service orientation
Complete and pass several introductory level training classes leading to administrator certification within six months of hiring.
Active duty military, E-4 or higher rank and retired military with Honorable Discharge are given preference in hiring. In lieu of military requirements,  Salesforce.com Certified Administrator or BS degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or equivalent is required.

To apply for this position complete the application in full located at: https://salesreach-software.workable.com/j/977BD24112 (https://salesreach-software.workable.com/j/977BD24112" target="_blank).  A SalesReach Representative will contact you to arrange an interview if appropriate.
I have a process that I have built that is supposed to effectively create a static copy of a newly created record.  It should be simple but I am stuck. Please offer your advice. Thanks. here are the details:

New custom record "Opportunity Commission" is created when we import data from external sources using custom object import function. this works fine.
When the new Opportunity Commission record is created it processes the commissions, calculates the rates and applies them.  I want a duplicate of this record created in another custom object "Opportunity Commission History".

All fields in Opportunity Commission History are identical to those in opportunity commissions.  The error I am getting when I try to create a new Opportunity Commission record is: 
Workflow Action Failed to Trigger Flow
The record couldn’t be saved because it failed to trigger a flow. 
A flow trigger failed to execute the flow with version ID 301610000004IEk. 
Contact your administrator for help. 

The criteria I used to create the new Opportunity Commission History record is, I think, where I am goofing up.  Here is the process:

1.  When a new Opportunity Commission record is created the Process should then
create a duplicate as a new Opportunity Commission History record.
User-added image

2.  I think the criteria is wrong.  It needs to be the Opportunity Commission created date > null but that failed.
So I tried several other criteria. The one I ended up with is below.  IT ran but returned the error.

User-added image

3.  When it runs all it is supposed to do is create the new Opportunity Commission Histroy record.
User-added image

Thanks in advane for you help.

I am searching for an SFDC experienced developer to do an ongoing project of integrating Telecommunications Carrier API's into an app we have built on SFDC UE org.  


Our app has two parts:

1.  The "Requestor Org" is the SFDC user's own org.  Our Reqestor Org App adds VF pages using Apex code that provides a user of SFDC the ability to request the pricing and location specific availability of telecom services from us.  When they make the request, using sfdc to sfdc the request is transferred to our UE org which is exclusively used to provide the information back to the Requestor Org.  We call our org that provides the data back to the Requestor Org, the "Provider Org".   


2.  The "Provider Org" uses Apex and VF to accept the SFDC to SFDC request into a series of custom objects. The object used is dependent upon the type of service pricing and availability requested by the Requester Org.  For example there is a Voice Services custom object and a data services custom object.  There are others as well.


Today we return results to the Requestor Org only for Telecom Carriers who do not use an API, but rather provide us with a Database that we load into the Provider Org.  


The need now is to begin expanding this to include Telecom Carriers who have open APIs to which we can forward the request, receive the results and then pass those results to the original Requestor org.  So the flow of each sceanario is as follows:


Requester Org ---> request goes to Provider org. ----------------------------------|       /<--Telco returns response to Provider org---<--|

                                                                                                                                      |----/----->------------------API request to telco----------->|

Requester Org <------ Results from provider org database returned <---------|   /

Requester Org <------ Results from provider org Telco API returned <----------/


While this graphic is limited it does reflect the basics of how the data will flow.  

  • Requester org send request to provider org
  • Provider org forwards request to telco's (if applicable for the request)
  • Provider returns database results to Requester org (if no api for the request is needed or available)
  • Telco's return results to Provider org.
  • Provider org returns all results to requestor org.

Today I need to integrate APIs from four API's.  One of these API's uses a common source and so that one api will add three Telco's.  The total now is six telco's via four api's. Ultimately we expect to add one or more new APIs each month for several years.


I need the one API done immediately.  Its an easy one relative the the more complex APIs that come directly from the Telcos.  SO I need adeveloper that can:

1.  Do the API from the common source economically.

2.  Use the process to learn our App.

3.  Provide an ongoing contract with pricing and SLA's for each additional API.

4.  I need #1 compleded no later tha 9/1/2013.


Of course I can provide the details as soon as we speak but in the meanwhile here are the links to the first API which is the common source for three carriers:




The applicable api POST request is at:  http://mam.salestreamsoft.com/api.v2/docs/rfqeasyquote.php

The response is at:  http://mam.salestreamsoft.com/api.v2/docs/quotes.php 


If you have skills in this area, and are looking for an ongoing engagement please contact me ASAP.

Thank you.

Pete Keane


SalesReach Software, LLC

Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

(843) 321-4216