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We require some development. We have a field called 'Opportunity lost reason'. When this field has been populated with a reason and saved, the stage for the opportunity becomes 'Closed Lost'. We would like the system to create a new opportunity at this point containing some of the details that were in the opportunity that was put to 'closed lost'.


If anyone can help or is interested in helping us, please contact me by email.

Needed: Trigger on contact that will populate 3 phone numbers on the account object and the respective names (from guardian contact record).


Conditions: When a contact is edited or added, if the Phone Status has a working number then it should populate the account object with the working number. Will pull all the other contact objects with the same account ID and populate the account with the first 3 instances of a working phone number


Additonal InfoAccounts are being used to hold Household members. Contacts are being used for record type Student and Guardian.

I am looking for someone who can help write a trigger for two different objects (one custom, one standard) to complete a field update in the parent object.

I need to combine the related list of cases on seperate accounts.  For example, John Smith and Mary Smith each have a "person account" page and each have their own sperate related list of cases.  It would be great if I could have the couple's cases show up on the other's person account page/ profile as well. 

Please contact me if you have experience with setting up customized dashboards and reports.

Requirements would be to capture website order fields(roughly 12 per transaction) and load into customer Salesforce instance.  Also need to create new account/contact/opportunity records as well as create new opportunity records for repeat customers.