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I have a custom object called Service Engagements, and a related object called Service engagement parts.  I would like to create a validation rule so that when the user is in the service engagements, they are not able to create a Parts Request if the status of the SE is set to 'Ready for Billing'  'Billing Complete'  'Posted'  Complete - No Charge'.


The button for the Parts Request brings them to a visual force page, there is code in the class that is supposed to set this to readonly - true, and then gives a error message.  The problem is that for some strange reason (which I am still looking into) this does not work all the time, it is hit or miss.  I am working with the developer to figure out the issue, it is just taking a while. 


So in the meantime I was going to make a validation rule on the SE Parts request that says if the Service Engagement status is set to 'Ready for Billing'  'Billing Complete'  'Posted'  Complete - No Charge', it won't allow them to save it.  I realize this will be a pain for the user since they have already filled out the info, but they are supposed to check anyhow.


So the Parts Request Object I started a validation rules that looks at the status of the SE.  Service_Engagement__r.Status__c , but I have no idea how to write this (I am very new to this as you can tell).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am guessing I can set this so that they can't save it just with the error message.


Thank you very much for any input.



First time writing here so my apologies if I’m not as in depth / clear about my issue.


I’ve hit a brick wall with my formulas with my desired solution hitting its character limit. My work around was to involve a workflow rule that would complete a field update to determine if the "Commission cut-off date" exceeded the date of "Product added date"


I have the workflow rule created but i need it to evaluate the rule and run on a daily basis. Is it possible for me to use APEX or anything like that to automate a trigger for the workflow to run?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Matt Tindall