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Unable to fetch and save Force.com Components to Project: com.salesforce.ide.api.metadata.types.Metadata$JaxAccessorF_fullName cannot be cast to com.sun.xm.internal.bind.v2.runtime.reflect.Accessor


Abort or Continute Force.com project creation?


while i am creating a new force.com project i got this error: can u please tell me why this error came. i downloaded eclipse and added force.com ide.... when i try to creating a new force.com project i got this error... and i am able to create a force.com project but not getting all existing classes and pages. And not added my new page or class content to the sever when i save. Is it required any other software installations?




I am using renderAs="pdf" to generate PDF documents from Visualforce pages.


Can someone tell what "font-family" the generated PDF documents supports ?



  • July 31, 2009
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Hi all


 I have used this code for my pdf out put.Except Calibri all the fonts works fine.

But if I specify Calibri then the font type changes to default font of pdf or something else.


    body {

Visualforce allows us to render the page as a pdf thanks to the renderas attribute of the page tag. However, I have noticed some inconsistancies between the pdf render and the vf page render. The inconsistancy I am most concerned about at the moment is font types. I styled an outputtext tag with "font-family:arial;". This works for the vf page, but not the pdf. I have tried a number of methods to change the font in the pdf version but to no avail.
Any ideas?