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The Subject field of the Case record, automatically starts the search of the Knowledgebase Sidebar, even before the Case has been saved. This occurs on the Standard Case Detail Page. 

Is this an internal only message being fired?
Is this message able to be listened to by a custom Visualforce page? 
Are there any other fields that send a message when changed, prior to saving that can be listened to?
Bascially, if there is a need for a Custom Visualforce "Knowledgebase", can it be implemented without needing to also have the Case Detail Page as Visualforce. 


Hi All,


I had a REST API integration working on both my Dev instance and client's Enterprise one until today. Client is complaining that it stopped working for them. I've checked both instances and they both have the same issue: when trying to refresh token I'm getting:


{"error":"invalid_client_id","error_description":"client identifier invalid"} 


None of the code changed since it was confirmed working and definately the Client ID / Consumer Key did not change.


Any idea anyone?

Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.