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I am using Tooling API in C#.net. When using login() method i am getting below error.

UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION: An unexpected error occurred. Please include this ErrorId if you contact support: 1084601297-62065 (1318667741)


is their any one already face same problem and fix it. Please provide solution for this.



  • December 03, 2013
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Trying to loged in from DotNet application to access Tooling API, WSDL was generated & Service is added to application but Getting SOAP Exception during login method call, exception as below:

UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION: An unexpected error occurred. Please include this ErrorId if you contact support: 1760923071-369 (956924056)

Please have a look and advise!


Hi All,


I just logged this issue with SF.com support.  However, I figured I'd post the issue to the forum as well, to see which venue yields a better response. :)




I have a single Custom Field ("Handles_Title__c" ) on a Custom Object ("Purchase__c" ) that I would like to deploy via the Force.com IDE. However, I am getting an error "Must specify a non-empty label for the CustomObject" when I try to deploy this field.

Steps for Reproduction:


I have two sandboxes, "greg" and "stage". Both sandboxes have acustom object called "Purchase__c". However, the Purchase__c object onthe "greg" sandbox has an additional field called "Handles_Title__c"that does not exist in "stage".


1) In eclipse, go to File -> New -> Force.com Project. Create a new project pointing to the "greg" sandbox.

2) On the "Choose Initial Project Components" page, choose the"Selected metadata components" radio button, and click the "Choose..."button.

3) On the "Choose Metadata Components" page:
3.a) Expand the "objects - custom list"
3.b) Expand the "Purchase__c" list
3.c) Expand the "customfield" list
3.d) Check the box next to "Handles_Title__c"
3.e) Click the "Ok" button

4) Back on the "Choose Initial Project Contents" page, click the "Finish" button.

5) Right click the "src" folder in the newly created project. Select Force.com -> Deploy to server...

6) Enter login credentials for the "stage" sandbox, click "Next".

7) On the "Archive Options" screen, uncheck both "archive" checkboxes, click "Next".

8) On the "Deployment Plan" screen, check the "Overwrite" box for "Purchase__c". Click the "Next" button.  

Expected Results:

The custom field "Handles_Title__c" should be created in the stage sandbox.

Actual Results:

Deployment fails with the error: "Must specify a non-empty label for the CustomObject" 



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  • December 09, 2009
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