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I have an IF statement that needs to read


"New monthly rate going forward is $1,000.00"


My formula is


IF(ISBLANK( Custom_Description__c ),
"" ,
"New monthly rate going forward is" &""& Opportunity__r.Current_Monthly_Revenue__c)


but the Opportunity__r field is a currency field and the formula Error says "Incorrect parameter for function &(). Expected Text, received Number


Thank you in advance

  • July 12, 2010
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<apex:column headerValue="Amount(K)">
<apex:outputLabel dir="LTR" value="${!ROUND(opp.Amount/1000, 2)}" />



I have above in my visualforce page. I sometimes see $3E+1 in amount column.


Is ther any way to convert text to currency format in visualforce.


<apex:column value="{!opp.Amount}"/> works perfectly. But I want to display amount in thousands and in proper currency format (possibly right aligned with always two digits after decimal point).