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If you have a SOQL statement with ORDER BY and a LIMIT 100 clause, which executes first?  Does it order all records and then take the first 100 records or does it do the LIMIT first and then ORDER BY? 

I'm trying to create an email alert to notify the case owner when I ticket was modified by someone other than them, but not the system owners which are automated processes.


I've tried this, but it still sends an alert when the case owner modifies their ticket.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


OR( LastModifiedById <> OwnerId, 
LastModifiedById <> 'systemowner1', 
LastModifiedById <> 'systemowner2' 






i have a lookup for ship-to address.


Is there any way to reproduce the same behaviour than the one on 'Contact' on Quote"?


( the behaviour for contact, is as soon as its selected, the value for email, fax is then filled automatically).


I could use a VF page and trigger a javascript to reproduce the same effect...but is there another method?



Hello All,


I have a requirement where I want to hide some fields from Edit layout of an object , while I want to display them in Detail Page. These fields will be populated by Trigger, but user should also have option to Edit some of the values if needed.


Thanks in Advance.

  • September 17, 2013
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