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i have 22 badges and yet no email confirmation from salesforce.

What should i do to get it?

HI All,


We are using Salesforce as IdP and we enabled also the Single Sign-on settings in Salesforce. Now we want to use Heroku and Play! to access Salesforce and the Play! application is the service provider.


This all works fine when using an internal salesforce user, but we want to use this functionality with a customer portal user but how can we manage that.


I found a doc where it states that we need to add the portal_id and the organization_id to the saml assertion but we only have a saml request and the saml assertion comes from the identity provider i think.


Help would be appreciated.


thx Sven

  • March 08, 2012
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I'm experiencing our site not showing the correct error pages. If a file is not found it shows the default InMaintenance page, not the FileNotFound error page I've selected in the Site settings. If I go directly to any of the error pages, the site shows the InMaintenance page that I've selected for the site.


I'm not sure what to make of it, I've checked to make sure all the permissions are working correctly. I'm also no longer receiving emails with more detailed information when the errors occur.


Thanks for any help! 


The site is http://www.stantive.com

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