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I have some input text and input fields and a save command button inside a <div> tag in my VF page. This div is made visible as a pop up on a button click(GoToPage button) and some fields are populated already while the pop up is displayed . When I click the Save button in the pop up is where the problem arises. The values in the pop up if changed by the user are not getting saved  even though the prepopulated field is getting saved right.


Thanks in Advance!!

  • October 24, 2013
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Hi All.


Can someone help me this issue?


I have a map of OpportunityLineItem in my Controller Extension (the Standard Controller for the VF is Opportunity).


In my VF I have a table that is built iterating tru the map values, each cell has na inputField that references the Quantity field for the current OpportunityLineItem, those inputFields are rendered correctly, they show their values and so on...


The problem occur when I try to save some changes I had made with those values, the values inserted/changed are not being submitted.


Does anyone have any idea of how to solve it? 


Thanks in advance!