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Hello everyone,


We are integrating linkedIN in salesforce. We want to retrieve linkedIN profile information within salesforce.

For that we needed to callout from salesforce. We are following the Authentication steps as follows:




We successfully reached upto Step 2, point a). But the problem arised in the HTTP POST Request in the point b) in order to retrieve the access token from the response. We are getting the authorization code correct and we are sending that code in the point b) but,  We are repetately getting the following error on that point


{"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"missing required parameters, includes an invalid parameter value, parameter more then once. : Unable to retrieve access token : authorization code not found"}

#Note: The authorization code which is coming in the URL is displaying correctly in the debug.


If anyone has any suggestion, kindly reply.


Thanks in Advance

Is there any limitations in Force.com Sites for lookup fields of custom objects? I was unable to display lookup field of custom object  in public page. But it works for preview. I granted all permissions to that object.  I checked with adding lookup field of standard object (Account) and It works for me. More specifically I want to use Contacts as lookup field in my custom object.



  • October 01, 2010
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