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I have a visualforce page with a form I have created as a component.  Within the form component I have included a reference to another component which holds the commandButton.  There are 3 output panels within my form.  Within my component for the commandButton I have entered reRender="myStatus,FormFields,FormActions" . When I click on the button the page just refreshes with all panels redisplayed but this is incorrect as the form should have rerendered with different fields.

If I don't use a component for the commandButton and instead use the code for the commandButton in the form component the panels rerender ok.   is it possible that one component cannot rerender panels in a parent component?


Any help on this would be appreciated.   I tried to use a container panel as suggested in the following blog but this did not seem to work either.  http://bobbuzzard.blogspot.co.uk/2011/02/visualforce-re-rendering-woes.html


Maybe what I'm trying is not possible?


Thanks in advance!