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The role is set up not to allow the edit of the basic info on an account, but we would like for the user to be able to make a note or attach an email or document to an account. Since the note section is a separate field and does not respond when edits are made to the account it would seems that it should be allowed. The only way I have been able to allow this function is to give them full edit rights, please tell me if there is a way to allow notes without allowing a change on the entire account info.


Thanks, Janice  

  • August 07, 2009
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Please help.  We are very new to using Eclipse as a deployment tool. 


We have a validation rule that is attached to a Custom Object.  When we try to deploy just the validation rule, I get an error that says:


# Deploy Results:
   File Name:    objects/Plan__c.object
   Full Name:  Plan__c
   Action:  NO ACTION
   Result:  FAILED
   Problem: Must specify a non-empty label for the CustomObject


I've reviewed the Plan__c object label and plural label and they are both populated with a value, so this must be related to something different. 


We've been able to do the same kind of validation rule deployment from Standard Objects without issue. 


I got it to work by deploying the entire Custom Object (which picks up all fields, rules, etc.), which was fine in this case.  However, there may be times where we do not wish to deploy the entire object.  Can you please tell me what can be done to alleviate the error we are receiving?


Thanks for any and all help.

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