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Apprivo is recognized as a leading salesforce.com implementation partner with a growing presence in both small/medium and global organizations. Apprivo is expanding their consulting practice with professionals that have experience with either salesforce.com implementation consulting or CRM consulting. We're looking for people with world-class skills with a preference for a fast paced, entrepreneurial, start up environment who want to take their career to the next level.

Apprivo offers an aggressive compensation package and awards top performers with ability to earn base salary plus percentage of billable hours.

The Senior Consultant role requires the ability to build strong client relations, understand customer requirements and business processes, and a proven ability to create and deliver CRM solutions that meet customer needs.

Apprivo is based in downtown San Francisco at 1 Market, conveniently located to salesforce.com, local transportation, and the ferry building. Minimal travel is required.

Visit www.apprivo.com/careers to apply.


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  • December 06, 2009
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In the example code below using DMLOptions the territory assignment will not refresh on update.  Has anyone else had any crack at this new functionality?
Also I have beforeInsert triggers being executed too, could it have any impacted the SOAP headers or do the DMLOptions get carried over in the trigger update?
Please advise,
--sample code-- 
 public sobject Obj
public PageReference Save() {
        //as of v.15 we can se the assignmentRuleHeader via APEX
        //this illiminates the need for a Ajax callback.
        Database.DMLOptions dmo = new Database.DMLOptions();
dmo.assignmentRuleHeader.useDefaultRule= true;
        update Obj;
       PageReference page = new PageReference('/'+objectId );
       return page;
debug log:
20090128205240.909:Class.ctrlAddressVerifier.Save: line 250, column 9: Account:{ShippingCountry=USA, ShippingStreet=1407 Blalock Rd, ShippingAddressAccuracy__c=L1AAA, ShippingCounty__c=Bogus County, Country__c=UNITED STATES, ShippingState=TX, ShippingFIPS__c=48201, Name=A-1 Paint Body Shop, SubRegion__c=United States, ShippingLatitude__c=29.79548000, Region__c=North America, ShippingCity=Houston, Id=0013000000Lyfx3AAB, ShippingPostalCode=77055-4413, ShippingLongitude__c=-95.52337300}
20090128205240.909:Class.Geography.GeoAddress.writeTo: line 371, column 13:     returning from end of method public void writeTo(SOBJECT:Account, Boolean) in 1 ms
20090128205240.909:Class.Geography.GeoAddress.writeTo: line 364, column 70:     returning from end of method public void writeTo(SOBJECT:Account, Boolean) in 2 ms
20090128205240.909:Class.ctrlAddressVerifier.Save: line 251, column 9:     returning from end of method public void writeTo(SObject, Boolean) in 2 ms
20090128205240.909:Class.ctrlAddressVerifier.Save: line 258, column 9: Database.DMLOptions:[AllowFieldTruncation=null, AssignmentRuleHeader=Database.DMLOptions.AssignmentRuleHeader:[AssignmentRuleId=null, UseDefaultRule=true], EmailHeader=null, LocaleOptions=null, OptAllOrNone=null]
20090128205240.909:Class.ctrlAddressVerifier.Save: line 260, column 9: Update: SObject
*** Beginning trigAccountCountryValidation on Account trigger event BeforeUpdate for 0013000000Lyfx3
  • January 28, 2009
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We are a quickly growing company and we are ready to implement the PRM to bring along some partners. We are looking for consultants to assist us with this, and possibly continue with maintenance agreements as we move forward. Please contact me to discuss your services. Thank You.
  • May 08, 2008
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Are there any people out there who use SalesForce and Doubleclick (DFP/DSM)?  We are new with both SF and DCLK and are looking at how we can integrate the two and were hoping not to have to reinvent the wheel. 
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

~ Charles
Can PRM user credentials be used to access the API?

I've tried several approaches to having a PRM user access the API without success.

1) Using an existing SessionID returns an "INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS: null" error.
2) Loging in directly with PRM user credentials returns an "LOGIN_DURING_RESTRICTED_DOMAIN: cannot log in from current domain" error. However, I can't find a way to edit the IP settings for the Partner profile.