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I set up a process in process builder to execute fire tasks on a schedule. The process criteria is when a case is created or edited and the individual criteria node is when the status equals "Ready for Call" and does not equal "Closed - Completed". The actions are only executed when the specified actions are made to the record. The schedule is based 0 hours after a formula date field that calculates the next business day.

The scheduled actions work, but when I change the status to "Closed - Completed" the actions are still firing, even though the criteria is not met. This seems to be in contradiction to this documentation from salesforce:

For processes that are set to run when a record is created or edited, scheduled actions remain in the queue only as long as the criteria for those actions are still valid. If a record no longer matches the criteria, Salesforce removes the scheduled actions for that record from the queue.


Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance for the help.


Hello All,
I have completed this challenge.

1-For this first you need to create a helper formula field(type-percent) 
Percent Completed :
(DATEVALUE( CreatedDate ) - CloseDate )/100

2- Then you need to create the actual formula field (type- text) by using the helper formula field.
Opportunity Progress :

IF( Percent_Completed__c <=25,"Early", 
IF(Percent_Completed__c <=75,"Middle", 


Hi, i have an entitlement process which its 'Case enters the process' = Based on a custom date/time field on the case: SLA Cont Time

and under this entitlement process i have a milestone it's Start time = 'Entitlement Process'

but whenever my case being assigned to to this entitlement, the milestone start time always show case created date. shouldn't it be my custom date/time field: SLA Cont Time?

ps: my SLA cont time is different from case created date

The user enters the flows from a Home Page link, not a VF page.

I have Flow A which has subflow B.

SubFlow B has Subflow C


Once someone has completed SubFlow C, I want them to return to Subflow B. When I try this I get the error below.


"The Flow has a subflow which returns to a Parent Flow. Cycles of subflows are not allowed."


Is there anyway to achieve the above? Because the default behavior brings them back to Flow A, this creates a problem and an error.

I also tried to get creative and throw in Subflow D which someone would go to From C and D would then route them to B but got same error. 



Hello All!


Trying to figure out how to make a formula so that everytime a case changes from closed, to another status, that it adds 1 to the count? I cant figure this out any suggestions would be great!