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Hey guys,


As the latest release rolled out we have been unable to connect to our sandbox environment via oAuth. The application login logic has been untouched in months and the keys stored in production are as they were. The login mechanism runs but as the page redirects through its usual pattern we are presented with an SFDC page with the main frame displaying a "Data Not Available" message instead of the usual oAuth screens.


Anyone else seeing this behavior?

  1. I have a Contact that has 2 record types Record Type A and Record Type B.
  2. Profile 1 has access only to Record Type A
  3. I have a dynamic choice in a Flow that queries the Record Type object to pull all record types where SObject = "Contact".
  4. When doing #3 above, Profile 1 can see Record Type B.
  5. When going through the Contact object, (i.e. creating a new Contact without Flow, Profile 1 cannot see Record Type B)

Shouldn't Record Type B not be visible to Profile 1 even though it is being accessed through the RecordType Object?