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Hi All,

I have created a custom field like sign in contact object.I want to enter any signature(image) in sign__c and then save this record.

If i want to view this record then this  field shows graphihcal sign which i wrote in <img>tag..

Can anyone help me?

Kindly support and suggest.
My company has offered to pay for SF dev training, and I'm having a hard time deciding which one to attend. My role is to enhance and maintain the development of an app in the AppExchange that integrates with our company's service, with the possibility of creating additional apps to enhance customer experience.  I forsee most of my work being done in Apex/VF code.

Reading the course descriptions, I get the sense that DEV401 is for those with little coding background, and DEV501 is more code-focused. With this assumption, I'm leaning toward DEV501, since I have a coding background - just not necessarily in Apex/Visualforce. 

Because the training is a considerable financial investment, and I can only attend one of the classes, I wanted to post to the forum to see if my assumptions were correct, or if I was off base. With six months of SF development experience, would I be lost going straight into DEV501?