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Is it possible to change the Territory of an account? If yes, please help me.
So I'm fairly new to the Force.com platform.

That said, I'm working on doing some practical metadata backups and restores for our org and sandboxes using the ANT Migration Toolkit.
Using the IDE I'm able to quickly get the initial package.xml for *everything* and use it to retrieve the related metadata using the Migration Toolkit.
Everything is just wonderful until I retrieve all the metadata from one sandbox and try to deploy on another new sandbox within the same org.

Hundreds of cryptic errors (262 to be exact) occurred with a single deploy. Everything is correct between the orgs and my logins are working fine.

I was under the impression that this stuff just worked. Is it just me or are there other things that the documentation just doesn't tell you??


I am getting Insufficient Privileges while i am access to managed package class as extension on page and that class is also global.

Hi All,

Is there any way by which I can restrict Emails sent by Salesforce(due to a workflow being fired, or from an approval process or custom logic,etc) to be not sent to a Particular User in Salesforce. How can I restrict emails to that Particular User.

Your help is much appreciated!!!

I want to create a visualforce page with a bar chart showing the  opportunities won by user for the month.

I know how to build a chart but getting the data is the part im not sure about. Could someone help as to what controller i should use?
I have a custom object called "Location" with a master-detail relationship to Opportunity and a lookup relationship to Quote. When I create a quote from the opportunity, I would like to populate all location records on the Opportunity with the new Quote ID. We need to do this so that I can display the Location records on the Quote Template (PDF). 

I think I need an after insert trigger on Quote so once I save the quote, the trigger will grab all Location records where the Location Opportunity ID = Quote Opportunity ID, then populate Quote ID on the Location records in the retrieved list. I'm not a developer so am hoping someone can help! Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.