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Hello all,

I'm starting to develop for Sales Force, so everything here is kind of new to me.

I've already followed the following developer workbooks:
- Force.Com Workbook
- Force.com Integration Workbook

I now need to start researching on how to implement the specific needs of my client. The problem is I do not know where to start and need some guidance on the first steps.
The two features I need to implement are:

1. Textbox in the top bar
I need to place a new textbox on the top bar that is always visible, somewhere to the right of the existing Search box.
This textbox will fire requests to an external application and redirect to a custom made results page in Sales force.

2. User as bot in chat
I would like to create a new user, let's call him "Adam". Whenever another user "talks" with "Adam" I would like to fire a request to an external application and return the result as Adam's response.
If this is not possible, a workaround would be to create a new control that would sit next to the Chat in the bottom right corner of the page. This control would be called "Adam" and would be similar to the existing Chat but would request information from our external application.

Any suggestions on how to implement these features? Any documents, forum posts, or bits of information that can get me started would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Eduardo Poças