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script type="text/javascript">

var MyApp = angular.module('MyApp', ['ngForce','ui','ui.bootstrap']);

MyApp.controller('RatingCntrl', function ($scope,vfr,$dialog) {
  $scope.GroupTitle= "Channel Affinity";
  $scope.GroupId= "1";
  var pOppQuery = vfr.query("SELECT Id, Name, Account.Name, LeadSource, Probability, CloseDate, StageName, Amount FROM Opportunity ORDER BY CloseDate DESC");
    pOppQuery.then(function(d) {
        $scope.opportunities = d.records;
        if(!$scope.$$phase) {

Above is the script, please point out mistakes i've made.



I have a problem when using MetaData Api

I have created a project in eclipse and I placed all jar files




while running it asks username and password I gave

Succefully Login

Acc.to pdf Code it asks Choices 1 retrieve

                                                             2.deploy etc


when I seelct any of these options it give java.lang.Exception: Should provide a valid retrieve manifest for unpackaged content. Acc.to pdf I cant understacd wat is manifest file and what it should Contain and where it should be placed . Please tell me.

 I placed package.xml which i got from force.com IDE in Src directory of Current Application .


Please Let me know how can i deal with this package.xml


I can't understand the pdf.


Please reply me

 its urgenttt






  • July 11, 2011
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