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Requirement demands to remove edit link from a related list, and the user should have edit permissions. I know we can do it by assigning a vf page but is there any way that we can remove it other than creating a vf page?

Hi folks, hope you can help.

I recently company policy change means that we're not allowed to have any 8 digit account numbers stored on cases received via Email-to-Case.

Is there any way to get Salesforce to alert the Salesforce admin of any instances or even possibly remove the 8 digit account numbers from the case entirely or blank out the first 5 digits perhaps?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
I am trying to design a workflow or trigger so that when ever a new contact is associated with a campaign as a campaign member, its lead status should change to "New". Can any one suggest me how should I do it.