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Am using the migration tool to deploy a new profile. The profile is meant to have access to only a single application. However, after deployment, the profile has access to all the standard apps (sales, marketing, etc.), even though the standard apps are not referenced in the metadata file. How can I deploy the new profile such that access to these apps is disabled? Note that the profile is for a Salesforce license (i.e. not a platform license).


Have tried adding entries similar to the following to the metadata file but Salesforce complains that the app does not exist (in this case, sales):




Even the list-metadata command does not show any of the standard apps.


You cannot have a multi-picklist field defined in a Custom Setting -which I think is not very nice. But I'm not going to dwel much on that. Instead, I want to know what's the next best thing, design-wise that is. Basically, is a dynamic Text field better or a set of Checkboxes?


Say I was faced with these options: Module 1, Module 2, Module 3, Module 4, and I wanted to only pick Modules 1 & 2. If I had a multi-picklist this would've been as smooth as butter. But since I can't have this simply luxury, I need to find something else. In this case, I could have a comma-deimited Text field with "Module 1, Module 2" in it. On the other hand, I could create a checkbox for each module, and then check off the ones that I'm interseted in.


Each scenario has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the Text field is good because it's only a single field and it's dynamic, and I can add more Modules in the future without changing the model. But then, this alternative is not very user-friendly and is error-prone. Now, of course the people who will be configuring these Settings will have documentation in front of them, and I can even put the allowable values in the Help Text, but still it can be prone to errors. On the other hand, Checkboxes are the complete opposite..


Any words of advice? What would you pick and why?