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I am using the Pattern and Matcher classes to search text from an email.  Sometimes, I get an exception that says Regex too complicated.  I can't find any information on this.  Does anyone know what can cause?  I get the premise of the exception but don't know what to do to fix it.  If I put my regular expression and sample text into the tester on this site, http://www.fileformat.info/tool/regex.htm.  It works fine and returns what I want.  From what I understand Salesforce uses similar functionality as Java which the above site is using.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

I'm trying to use the current merge function of Salesforce but I want to initiate the merge process from an Account record I'm on instead of going back to the accounts tab, click on the merge link, type in the name. 


Here is my current code below however I'm getting this error: http://screencast.com/t/oub5ql4u6B



<script type="text/javascript"> top.location.href ="merge/accmergewizard.jsp?retURL=%2F001%2Fo&srch={!Account.Name}"; </script>