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Is it possible to create a report based on when a field gets changed. What I am trying to do is have a report that will populate any time total revenue is changed in a contract.
Amount   :
Discount :

Net price :

In the UI page  i will give amount value and Discount value .so these two values add and  Display directly   show on  UI page.please tel me.

at the moment I get all information for the account with the code below.
Now I need the information from a related parent parent object.

Account --> Contract --> Salesnumbers

How can I get the information from the salesnumbers object?
Public List <Account> getAccDList2() {
    List <Account> AccD =  [SELECT Id, Name, BillingCity, Rating, Billingstreet, BillingPostalCode, Folder_Link__c, NumberOfEmployees FROM Account WHERE Id = :SelectedAccountId];
    RETURN AccD;

So I'm I'm writing a test method for some code that queries RecordType.Name on the Opportunity object. I'm able to grab the RecordType ID and assign it to the Opportunity. System.debug shows that the RecordType I query in the test method has an ID and Name as well.


For some reason, it's telling me that Opportunity.RecordType.Name is null, even after I've assigned a RecordType to the Opportunity. Anyone know what's going wrong here? Here's the code:


RecordType UpsellRT = [SELECT Id,Name FROM RecordType WHERE sObjectType = 'Opportunity' AND Name = 'UpSell' LIMIT 1];

Opportunity OPP = new Opportunity(
	Name = 'Test Opp',
	RecordTypeId = UpsellRT.Id,
	CloseDate = Date.valueOf('2013-01-01'),
	StageName = 'Closed Won');
insert OPP;