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Iam trying to use http POST request to enter data from salesforce to external system.  My WSDl file contans below soapAction

-<wsdl:operation name="AddCustomerData">
<soap12:operation style="document" soapAction="http://xxxx.org/WebServices/AddCustomerData"/>

Salesforce doesnot support SOAP 1.2 , so does that mean i cannot use the webservices for POSt operation too? The WSDL file i got only has SOAP12 operations. How can make it work so that i can use webservices to POST and GET data.

I have my trigger and class working but i am only gettng 71% but not sure why

the class

public class FOP{

static testMethod Void Contacttoupdatedailycontact(){

contact sContact= new contact();
sContact.job__C= 'a013000000UHggN';
sContact.Field_Of_Play__C='Daily Contact';

sContact.job__C= 'a013000000UHggN';
sContact.Id = '00330000012mk3O';
update sContact;


the trigger

trigger Contacttoupdatedailycontact on Contact (after insert,after update) {
    set<id> jobids=new set<id>();
    for(contact c:trigger.new){
      jobids.add(c.Job__c) ;
    map<id,jobs__c> jobsmap=new map<id,jobs__c>([select id,DailyContact__c from jobs__c where id=:jobids]);
    jobs__c tempjob=new jobs__c();
    list<jobs__c> joblist=new list<jobs__c>();
    for(contact c2:trigger.new){
      Contact oldc2=trigger.oldmap.get(c2.Id);
      if(c2.Field_of_Play__c!=oldc2.Field_of_Play__c && c2.Field_of_Play__c=='Daily Contact'){
          system.debug('entered if loop');
              tempjob.DailyContact__c=c2.FirstName+' '+c2.LastName;
        update joblist;
Hello There,
I am novice in Salesforce.
I am having two Objects Property__c and Contacts(In My Case it is Buyer), I am establishing many-2-many relationship between these two Objects with a Juction Object as 'PropertyBuyer__c'. I want after any property is saved filter Contacts from database(depends upon the criteria) and create a new record in Junction Object 'PropertyBuyer__c'
Following is my code
trigger Rename on Property__c (Before Insert, Before Update) {
    list<id> contactids = new list<id>();
    list<PropertyBuyer__c> property_buyer_list = new list<PropertyBuyer__c>();
    Decimal prop_price;
    String prop_city;
    for(Property__c prop_obj:Trigger.new)
        prop_price = prop_obj.Price__c;
        prop_city = prop_obj.City__c;
        contactids = [SELECT id FROM Contacts WHERE Budget_From__c >= prop_price AND Budget_To__c <= prop_price AND City__c = prop_city];
        for(id con_id:contactids)
            PropertyBuyer__c PB_obj = new PB_obj();
            PB_obj.Name = prop_obj.Name;
            PB_obj.Contact__c = con_id;
            PB_obj.Property__c = prop_obj.id;
    Insert property_buyer_list;

But I am gettign following error Error: Compile Error: unexpected token: 'prop_price' at line 11 column 70
Please Help me soon

Thanks & Regards
Madhusudan Singh