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I'm following work.com workbook but having it prinstalled from Salesforce 1 for admin guide so some parts need some modifications still. I have encountered this tricky issue.
Schema is such:
Warehouse (Master) - (detail) Merchandies (Master) - (detail) Line Item (detail) - (Master) Invoice

No roles in place yet

Invoice  Private  
Line Item Controlled by Parent
Merchandise Controlled by Parent
Warehouse Public Read Only

Merchandise Read
Warehouse Read

Permission set:
Invoices Read, Create, Edit, Delete
Line Items Read, Create, Edit, Delete
Merchandise Read
Warehouses Read

I can create Invoice record. Then on Line Item related list I click on New. Input webform opens. Invoice field is prefilled as open from related list and then I browse any Merchandise (owned by other user) and click save and I got this error:

"Insufficient Privileges
You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary."

Why is that? When I change OWD for Merchandise to Public Read/Write it lets me save Line Item record but why? Based on my definition order of relationship is such that primary is between Invoice and Line Item.

I'm lost a bit here ir it's so simple that I just don't see it.

Please help.

Hello... I am trying to migrate a custom APP from one sandbox to another but cant seem to find the way to do it though Eclipse IDE. Can anyone please help?

  • August 26, 2013
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I am trying to deploy a new application from eclipse to server. In the salesforce source Development edition I can see this application, but if I try to refresh this application from server to Eclipse I find in the folder src/applications all other applications but not this one and surely my deployment fails because of the missing application. Probably this problem is linked with another problem: in eclipse the related package.xml shows the warning: Refresh error: Cannot retrieve documents in a user's private folder; move the document to a named folder.


Can anyone help?





I created an app (MyDemoApp) with some classes, triggers, VisualForce and Google Visualization directly from the browser (i.e. without using the Force.com IDE).  Then, I installed the Force.com IDE on my Mac, and created a Force.com Project.  Next, I had the IDE connect to my Force.com account to download all the metadata components for my application.  I opted to fetch all the components.  Force.com IDE does its thing, and after a while it finishes without any errors.  However, when I go look in my project under src/applications, the metadata file for my application, MyDemoApp.app, is missing.  The file doesn't show up even if I do a "Refresh from Server" on src/applications, src or the entire project.  If I look in package.xml, I see MyDemoApp in the CustomApplications section.  The wierd thing is that the only other app that I have (Force.com) shows up fine i.e. Force_com.app is present in src/applications.  If I change any files (e.g. an Apex Class) and compile it, I get no errors and my changes are reflected in the test org.


I don't know if this is related, but when I do a "Refresh from Server", I get the following Warning message:

"Refresh error: Cannot retrieve documents in a user's private folder; move the document to a named folder".


Removing the Force.com app, not selecting it as a component to be fetched, restarting the IDE, etc. doesn't help.  MyDemoApp.app just doesn't show up.  I want to put all my files in SVN, and therefore, want to download the .app file as well.


Any ideas?





  • September 15, 2010
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