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  I am working in a custom object and new to JavaScript. I want to create a button that basically says if a field equals "x" then update a different field to "A", if that field equals "y" then update the other field to "B", if the field is null then send an alert.

I got the button to work to update the field I need, but when I tried to create the if/then I got syntax errors.

Here is what I have so far:

var objPrice_Quote__c = new sforce.SObject('Price_Quote__c');
objPrice_Quote__c.Id = '{!Price_Quote__c.Id}';
objPrice_Quote__c.Status__c = 'Customer Approval';
var result = sforce.connection.update([objPrice_Quote__c]);



Can anyone give me an explanation on how to create "many-to-many" relationship - Between "Contacts" and "Products". So that the final result would be as follows:
1. Many contacts can have many products
2. The same product can be related to many products

Can someone please give the complete Visualforce page code? Cannot get mine to work.

I have a working validation rule that has to be updated. Now the validation rule checks that either picklist field is selected or text field has user input (some value)

NOT(ISBLANK(TEXT(PicklistField__c ))),

This validation rule still has to work like this in the most of the cases, but there will be one new condition:
IF Another_Picklist__c has value "ABC",
user may not select PicklistField__c or fill in Text_field__c

So now there is a third field which has to be added to the already existing rule.

If Another_Picklist__c is not "ABC", the old rule should trigger just the way it is triggered right now:
NOT(ISBLANK(TEXT(PicklistField__c ))),

But if Another_Picklist equals "ABC", then user may not select PicklistField or add
value to Text_field.

Makes sense?


This is what I tried to do:

IF(NOT(ISPICKVAL(Another_Picklist__c, "ABC")),

NOT(ISBLANK(TEXT(PicklistField__c ))),



What happens here is that the end of the rule is not working alright. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here?