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Which statement is true regarding Force.com sites? Choose 3

A. Sites can leverage declarative page layouts as web pages
B. Sites enable Developers to build public, unauthenticated websites
C. Sites are built as visualforce pages
D. Sites leverage data and content in a Salesforce org
In a recruiting application,a custom object called Position requires approval.
When a position record is submitted for approval,the requirements below must be met:
The hiring manager must approve the record.
The approval must be forwarded to all members of the executive team,but only one executive needs to approve the record
The VP of human resources must approve the record

How would a developer meet this requirement?
A.Create multiple approval processes,one for each executive team member,and utilize parallel submission
B.Create an approval process which utilizes parallel  approvers,but does not require unanimous approval
C.Create parallel workflow rules,requiring atleast one executive team member to complete their assigned task.
D.Create an approval process with a step for each executive team member,allowing approval steps to be skipped.