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I've built a Mobile SDK hybrid remote application.  Now I want to call out to another app on the same mobile device via a URL, which will callback into my app when it is finished. Is there a function in the Mobile SDK that provides that for me?
Hello there!

I've created a VF page to create an Opportunity record. I've added this VF page as publisher action on the Account Object.
This VF page is working properly on the browser. However, in the Salesforce1 app the lookup functionality is not working.
The lookup icon is available but after clicking on that icon it opens the lookup page in browser mode and if I select any record on the pop up It takes me directly to that record instead of populating that value in the lookup field.

We have some other publisher actions like creating the Task record where we are not using a VF page. for such standard actions the lookup functionality is working as expected.

Has anyone encountered similar issue? if yes, how to resolve this issue?