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I installed both the Opp Alert Coponent and the ContactsToday Component from the Trailhead Module "Working with Custom Lightning Components". However, they are not available to add as components in the Lightning App Builder. I've tried uninstalling an reinstalling, with no luck. The "Custom Components" section in Lightning App Builder shows 0.

Any help would be appreciated - I've had nothing but technical difficulties with this module and I want to earn that darn badge already!
For one of my requirement, I have to show two Funnel Charts on page with salesforce reports as source of data. As Funnel Charts can't be done using Google Chart or any other Free JS Library, I had to use the new feature i.e. new VF tag "analytics:reportChart". 

The issue I am having is whenever my page loads, my first chart loads and then once the second chart starts loading, the page refreshes completely. This happens most of the time.  Is there any solution for this? Please find below my VF page code. I am reRendering my outputpanel with an actionfunction tag.

<apex:outputPanel id="reportBlock" layout="block" style="width:100%;">
<div style="float:left;width:48%;">
        <div style="width:485px;margin:auto;">
            <analytics:reportChart reportId="00OQ0000000Pgol" showRefreshButton="false" cacheResults="true"
    <div style="float:right;width:48%;">
        <div style="width:485px;margin:auto;">
            <analytics:reportChart reportId="00OQ0000000Pgol" showRefreshButton="false" cacheResults="true"/>
            <!--filter="[{column:'BucketField_99085880', operator:'equals', value:'Debit'}]"-->
</apex:outputPanel >