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I am trying to complete the Trailhead project to Incorporate Data from the Weather Company in Salesforce.  I've gotten to the Create a Lightning Component to Display the Weather unit, and have created the Apex controller class, and the Lightning Component bundle, copying the code as provided in the unit.  However, when I try to add the component to the page I get an "A Component Error has occurred!" Error.  This is what the error looks like:
User-added image

I am wondering what is causing this error, as I copied the code directly as it was located in the trailhead and have followed the directions exactly.  Any help would be appreciated.
Set Up a Weather Company Data Service on IBM Bluemix.

There is no create in IBM Bluemix setup of the Weather Company Data. There is an upgrade wihich requires payment. 

Anybody else experiencing this?

User-added image
I followed the instructions to create a macro, create a Case with subject "Design issue with mechanical rotor", and ran the Macro. The feed shows the email along with the text "The Macros Team is working on your case" in the email Body. Yet I get this message when I check the Challenge:
"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The case with the subject 'Design issue with mechanical rotor' does not includes an email update in the case feed with the text 'The Macros Team is working on your case'. Make sure you run your macro on this case."

I even created a new Case with the correct Subject with the same results.

My Email Template has the following information:
Dear {!Contact.FirstName}, 


The Macros Team is working on your case 

Thank you, 


Your comment: 


There is problem with my  developer org. A code which is just a copy paste of the code provided in trailhead: Quick start Apex: Add a method to the class. (https://developer.salesforce.com/trailhead/project/quickstart-apex/quickstart-apex-2) is not getting saved.

However we tried this code in my friends org, it got saved and she got the points.User-added image