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I use the Qlikview Salesforce Connector to get data from Salesforce database(API), and after the spring update last weekend, we are having troubles to connect with Salesforce API. My accont are locaten on NA15, and I've read that other NA had the same problem, but the issue was at Salesforce side. 

If anyone have any soluiton, please share with us. I appreciate that. 

Thank you, 

I have several Custom Fields that I created at the Opportunity Product Level that I want to appear on the Quote Template. I attempted to create a New Quote Template, but there doesn't seem that there is a way to Select which fields appear in the Line Item section.


I attempted to create a Formula on the Quote Line Item page that would map the Custom Opportunity Product field(s) to the Quote Line Item, but when I look at the available fields, none of my Custom Opportunity Product fields are available.


Salesforce support told mt ehat I can do this with a Formula, but of course, they don't support formulas...


Does anyone have a way to do this?