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Hi all,

Delete records batch apex account ,contacts ,opportunity and cases in single batchclass
Hi all
  In account object one custome filed status__c (picklist) 
  any  child account should be active then parentaccount active
 all childs account should be inactive then parentaccount inactive using trigger 
Hi all,
 case object Activity History show to account page at InlineVisualforce page
I want to see ‘Create case’ button  in opportunity view after an opportunity is Closed(won)
This button should not be visible/functional before Closed (won) status
On clicking this button, a new ‘Case’ should be created values taken from opportunity
Variable does not exist: Id

trigger InsertCase on Account (after insert) {
    list <case> caseList = new list <case>();
    for(Account acc : trigger.new) {
        caseList.add(new Case(AccountId = acc.Id, Status = 'New'));
    insert caseList;
The account and contact in my vf page   account name filed  i am enter like  name=kishore  when  mouscursor will be down  the   the related contact fileds like contactname ,phone   automatically  populated in that related values name of account