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GrinMark delivers CRM data to mobile and desktop email clients by means of server-side synchronization of leading CRM systems and Microsoft Exchange.

Agile GrinMark to Exchange Synchronizer (GESync) is now available for Salesforce users. It provides server-side integration between Salesforce and Exchange. Integration includes two-way synchronization of Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Meetings, Calls, Tasks; Archiving emails; special scenarios to replicate and create items like Opportunities and Cases from your email client. This solution works without any client-side plugins. No need for additional configuration of standard mobile or desktop email clients (Outlook, Entourage, Mac Mail, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.).

Microsoft Exchange: 2007, 2010, 2013, Office365

Free trial version is available so you can try GESync before making a decision.

If what you need is one-time synchronization, then trial mode may be enough to get required results.

Best regards,
Denis Markovtsev
GrinMark CRM Integration Team
sales@grinmark.com (mailto:sales@grinmark.com)

Hi all,


I have a scenario where I have about 50 users on a single Exchange 2003 server.  All of the users use Salesforce and we have been scrappign along with the provided SF Outlook integration.


Rather than upgrade our Exchange environment (hardware, software, licensing, pain, time, etc), we've began exploring hosted mail options like Google's Business email. 


Whichever service is used, integration is our SF environment (Unlimited Ed.) is essential.


Has anyone else made a plunge like this? 


I'll probably install VCS Smart Email for Enterprise & Unlimited Edition in a sandbox today, but I was just curious if any other members of the community have done anythign similar.




Thanks in advance!


I know that there is a plugin (Connect for Microsoft Outlook) to synchronize SalesForce.com with Outlook.

In our case, people don't have Outlook on their desktop. They are mainly using OWA.
Therefore I think I need something
to synchronize SalesForce.com with their account in Microsoft Exchange.

Is it something possible with the current version ?





  • September 04, 2010
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I'm looking to add all the emails my company sends through our excahnge server into Salesforce, if the TO email address matches an existing contact or lead record in Salesforce.  Is there anything out there that I can hook into my exchange server to accomplish this?


All my users have refused to use the standard salesforce Outlook integration claiming that it slows them down to much.


Any one know of a way to keep Exchange and SF.com in sync automatically. (not using a manualy triggered Intellisync).


Field Salesforce with GPRS enabled outlook devices (Blackberry's, XDA and other).

Want to make sure they are notified when someone else books them for an appointment and when they book an appointment. For various reasons just using Exchange or just using SF.com will not work.

Does anyone know of 3rd party synchronisation tool?



I was wondering if anyone had attacked syncing SalesForces data with Microsoft Exchange's data.

As, I'm sure my company is simlar to many in that many of our users are constantly in Outlook and use Exchange as a backend to hold Customer addresses and emails in a Global Address list.
Along with having pre-definded Email Groups i.e. USCustomers, that they can quickly send off a quick email to the group of USCustomers that would get sent to many external customer emails.

But at the same time we would like to use Sales Force's great power as our CRM package.
I guess what it comes down to is...Is there anyway NOT to have to update a Customer's email in both Exchange AND Sales Force.


  • November 10, 2004
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