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Hello all,

I am trying to create a simple query against Accounts and Contacts, trying to see if a contact has a selected Email address and the parent Account has a specific IATA number. I am getting into some basic API creation and am using files from a Developerforce conference from 2 years ago. I modified the code to use field specific to my org

The SOQL query returns values only if I use the LIKE operator and doesn't return any results if I use the equals operator. See below for what I mean
String searchText = '%'+searchTerm1+'%';
                List<Contact> searchResults = [SELECT Id, Name, Phone, Email, Account.IATA_Code__c FROM Contact WHERE Account.IATA_Code__c LIKE :searchText];
                if(searchResults != null && searchResults.size() > 0) {
                    response.acctList = searchResults;
                    response.status = 'Success';
                    response.message = searchResults.size() + ' Contacts were found that matched your search term.';
                else {
                    response.status = 'Error';
                    response.message = 'No Contacts where found based on that IATA Code, please search again.';

Because I used LIKE in the SOQL query I get results returned. However if I modify the code as you can see in the next fragment I get no results
String searchText = '%'+searchTerm1+'%';
                List<Contact> searchResults = [SELECT Id, Name, Phone, Email, Account.IATA_Code__c FROM Contact WHERE Account.IATA_Code__c = :searchText];
                if(searchResults != null && searchResults.size() > 0) {
                    response.acctList = searchResults;
                    response.status = 'Success';
                    response.message = searchResults.size() + ' Contacts were found that matched your search term.';
                else {
                    response.status = 'Error';
                    response.message = 'No Contacts where found based on that IATA Code, please search again.';

However, if you do not use a List for the results and simply use a String, then you can use the equals operator.

Is this expected behaviour? and if so is there any way I can made the search more selective? or make it pseudo equals?


Hi All,

function setVar(){
       var v= document.getElementById("cbid").getAttribute.style.(backgroundColor).value;
       if(v == ''){

I am calling this function on button click but i am not getting any alert.

Actually i want to get the background color of  <td>. By using javaScript.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Guys
Within my standard page layout I have embedded the the below VF page.
I'd like to change the background colour of that VF page to #52aec9

I have tried the below and it does not work. Any idea where I am going wrong? (Please note I'm a novice on VF)
Thanks in advance,

<apex:page standardcontroller="MBO__c">
body {
   background-color: #52aec9;

<apex:outputText value="NOTE : Please add as much intelligence / information as possible to the description of the Value Add so that it is clear
what activity has taken place, with who and how long this took to deliver." style="font-size:12px"/>
setBillingCatCalc : function(cmp, oli) {
        $A.log('running Abstract helper');
        $A.log('billcatcalcs: '+cmp.get("v.billingCatCalcs"));
        $A.log('oli: '+cmp.get("v.oli"));
        if (oli.PricebookEntry.Product2  !== undefined && oli.PricebookEntry.Product2.Billing_Category__c !== undefined) {
        var calcBCC = oli.Billing_Category__c+'_'+oli.BillingCalc__c;

It's undefined " Product2" . 
How to fix it ??? 
Please , help me to resolve it . 
Thanks you kindly.
Where can I found the "Allow users to relate a contact to multiple accounts" setting? I'm not able to see it under "account settings" menù.
Please let me know practical use case differences between POST method and GET method with specific example.
I know that in GET method we can use parameters but not in POST method, but not sure exactly in what scenarrio we need to use.

I created a VF page for a custom object with a field that is a lookup>contact. When I mouseover the contact on my VF page, it pops up a window with name and account name. How could I get contact.title to show there as well? Here is my current display code (its inline edit field):
<apex:outputField value="{!CustomObject__c.Contact1__c}" > 
  <apex:inlineEditSupport showOnEdit="saveButton, cancelButton" 
    hideOnEdit="editButton" event="ondblclick" 
    changedStyleClass="myBoldClass" resetFunction="resetInlineEdit"/>
Here is a screenshot

  • April 29, 2016
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I have these objects
User-added image
In  "reservation Terrain" layout, i have a the lookup field "Terrain_disponible" which display only "No terrain dispo" and would like to displat also the fields  Availble and Terrain_disponible. How can I do it ?
User-added image
Also, the lookup display only 8 rows and I have 20 rows, Could tell me how to display alle the rows.


What im trying to do: I have a custom field called "Total Potential Contract Amount". This field is a formula field which is driven by the sum of the all the Manual FYXX Revenue fields (which by their name are manually entered). I am trying to get the Amount field (which is native to Salesforce) to be automatically updated by the Total Potential Contract Amount Field any time the TPCA value changes or is updated. 

What I currently have implemented (but is not working properly): 
  • A work flow rule that will auto-update the Amount field with the "Total Potential Contract Amount" value based on the following criteria:
    • Rule Criteria: (Opportunity: Opportunity NameNOT EQUAL TOnull) 
  • The Immediate Workflow actions are driven by a field update indicating the following detail:
    • Name: Auto-Update Amount with Total Potential  
    • Unique Name: Auto_Update_Amount_with_Total_Potential  
    • Description: This filed update will auto-update the "Amount" (hidden) field with the manually entered "Total Potential Contract Value"
    • Object: Opportunity  
    • Field to Update: Opportunity: Amount
    • Field Data Type: Currency
    • Formula Value: Total_Contract_Amount__c
  • The rules using this field update are as follows (same as above):
    • Evaluate the rule when a record is: created, and any time it's edited to subsequently meet criteria
    • And when the following criteria are met:
      • Opportunity: Opportunity Name not equal to "blank" - as this is a required field to create an opportunity
I dont think that having that criteria is adequate to update a field from a custom field. I am thinking an Apex trigger might be a better solution? Have the TPCA field update the Amount field any time the TPCA is changed or updated by a SF user. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!


I'm making my first steps, and I'm running against a wall already. It feels like this should be very easy, but I can't find a way to do it at all.

I want to create a button on the Case page to create a new record (custom object) based on the case displayed. The most promising (if the word applies) description is a six-year-old post on how to do your very own URL rewriting, but that does not seem to apply on custom objects (or the description is simply out of date).

In my fantasy SF I'd use a custom action of type "Create a Record", and set some translation table for which data to set in the new record (if required at all, should be obvious really). For some reason, "Create a Record" is limited to very few objects, and has no way to seed data into the new record.

So where to start? Is there some piece of SF wisdom I've still to pick up, so that I can answer questions like this with a simple search in the documentation?

There is still a whole lot of SF I haven't even looked at, maybe the answer is simple. I'm supposed to learn Apex anyway, and always wanted to try Javascript, so if one of those is the best solution, then that's where I want to go. Again, where to start reading?

Thanks in advance!

I'm invoking a Rest Webservice from my developer org,
the issue is I can't read the HTTP Response as it is not proper json
this is the form of the response:

I'm using  wrapper classes to extract the response as following:
public class Response{
        public List<Account> accounts{get;set;}
 public class Account{
        public List<Attribute> attributes;  
        public String Id;
        public String Name;
        public String Phone;
   public class Attribute{
        public String type;
        public String url;
but when trying to deserialize the reponse as the code below
Response response = (Response) JSON.deserialize(jsonResponse, Response.class);
I have this error:
System.JSONException: Malformed JSON: Expected '{' at the beginning of object
Is this because the HTTP response is not json ? it is specified in the content type though,
how can I convert the httpresponse body to json please ?

I trying to customize the SalesForce home page to show direct links to some of the important reports. The idea is to put a simple image on the homepage and when clicked on it, it redirects to a SF report (Let's assume it's ID is 00O370000020O7W)

Please let me know step by step how to achieve this?

I have a situation where we have contact name's with characters such as an apostrophe in the Name field. What is the best way to still query the contact's name that contain an apostrophe?

Example scenario:
  • Contact.Name = "John D'oe";
  • Contact.Name = "John O'doe'
Current SOQL query:
//assume it is a single contact
String nm = contact.Name;

Select Id, Name From Contact Where Name =: nm;

The current error message: uncaught exception malformed query
  • April 26, 2016
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Hi All

I have created a VF page to create a new contact and a button to show the list of  existing contacts

But when i click show the error "required fields"

How to have both command buttons on one single page 
When i click show it should show list of contacts 
<apex:page standardcontroller="Contact" extensions="contactslist">
<apex:form >
<apex:pageBlock title="Create a new contact">
<apex:pageBlockButtons >
<apex:commandButton action="{!save}" value="Save"/>
<apex:pageBlockSection title="Enter the details for creating a new contact" columns="2">
<apex:inputField value="{!contact.Lastname}" />
<apex:inputField value="{!contact.email}" required="true"/>
<apex:inputField value="{!contact.phone}" required="true"/>
<apex:inputField value="{!contact.AccountId}" required="true"/>
<apex:pageBlock title="List of contacts and Accounts">
<apex:pageBlockTable value="{!conli}" var="a">
<apex:column title="lastname" value="{!a.lastname}"/>
<apex:column title="email" value="{!a.email}"/>
<apex:column title="phone" value="{!a.phone}"/>
<apex:column title="Account_name" value="{!a.Account.name}"/>
<apex:column title="Account.Type" value="{!a.Account.Type}"/>
<apex:column title="Account.Industry" value="{!a.Account.Industry}"/>
<Apex:commandButton value="show" action="{!show}"/>
public with sharing class contactslist

    public contactslist(ApexPages.StandardController controller) {


public list<contact> conli {get; set;}
public pageReference show()
conli=[select lastname,Email, phone, Account.name, Account.Type, Account.Industry from contact where Account.name != Null order by Contact.CreatedDate];
return null;

Hello Community,
I’m attempting to use one SOQL query to get many data point that can be displayed on a Visualforce page. My query returns the expected results but I am not sure of how to parse through the query results and assign them to variables. My thought was that I could simply loop through the results and, based on the conditions, assign them to variables with getters and setters. This does not generate an error, but my page will anything when calling {!MembershipsYTD}. if someone could help point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

public class MDEventResults 

    // Properties
    public integer ThisMonth = date.today().month();
    public integer MembershipsYTD {get; set;}
    public integer MembershipsMTD {get; set;}

    // Query Event Data
    List <AggregateResult> EventAgg =  [SELECT Sum(Total_Memberships__c) MembershipSum, count(ID) CNT, Calendar_month(Event_Date__c) Month, Facilitated_by_MD__c FacilitatedBy, Booked_By__c BookedBy,
                                        GROUPING (Facilitated_by_MD__C) FacilGroup, GROUPING (Booked_By__c) BookedGroup, GROUPING (Event_Date__c) monthGroup
                                        FROM Campaign
                                        // WHERE Booked_by__r.id = :UserInfo.getUserid()//
                                        WHERE End_Date_Time__c = This_Year
                                        // AND Status = 'Completed' //
                                        GROUP BY ROLLUP (Facilitated_by_MD__c , Booked_By__c, Event_Date__c)];
    // method to parse results
    public void MembershipsYTD() {
        for (AggregateResult ar : EventAgg) {
            if (integer.valueOf(ar.get('monthGroup' )) == ThisMonth &&
                integer.valueOf(ar.get('BookedGroup')) == 1 &&
                integer.valueOf(ar.get('FacilGroup' )) == 1) 
                MembershipsYTD = integer.valueOf(ar.get('MembershipSum'));
                system.debug('MembershipsYTD' + MembershipsYTD);    
How do I add three buttons on a javascript alert driven by a custom button? In my use case, I want to notify the user that not all data is entered on the opportunity page, but give the user the option to continue create a quote without the data, or return to the opportunity to add the information.

Below is the custom button:
var result = sforce.connection.query("SELECT id, opportunityid, role from OpportunityContactRole where opportunityid = '{!Opportunity.Id}' and role='Technical Contact'");
var records = result.getArray("records");

var error1string = "Error:\n";
var error1found = false;
if(!records[0]==null) {
error1string += "The technical contact is not listed on the Opportunity nor will be listed on the budget proposal. Please add the technical contact to contact roles.";
error1found = true;

if(records[0]==null) {
alert("The technical contact is not listed on the Opportunity nor will be listed on the budget proposal. Do you want to continue to create the quote or do you want to add the technical contact?");
window.location = "{!URLFOR($Action.Opportunity.View,Opportunity.Id)}";
} else {
/apex/QuoteNotification?oppid={!Opportunity.Id}&Type="B"&Rec="Budget Quote"

How do I add two buttons to the alert?
Hi Everyone,

Iam writing a test class where I need to create a quote and insert it.
Now we have two read-only fields Opportunity and Account.

How can we assign values to these two fields?

Public Class QuoteDescription_Test{
    Static testMethod void test1(){
       Account acc1 = new Account(name = 'Account1');
       insert acc1;
       Opportunity opp1 = new Opportunity ();
       opp1.Name = 'Opportunity1';
       opp1.StageName = 'Prospecting';
       opp1.CloseDate = Date.newInstance(2016, 2, 6);
       insert opp1;
       Quote quo1 = new Quote();
       quo1.Name = 'quote1';
       Account acc = [Select id, name from Account];
       quo1.Account = acc;
       quo1.Opportunity = 'Opportunity1';
       quo1.Status = 'Accepted';
       insert quo1;
This gives an error

Error: Compile Error: Field is not writeable: Account at line 18 column 8
How to cofigure Browser based Google authentication for Salesforce Custom Mobile app. There are documents for Andorid but not much help for iOS. 
We are building a react native app which we need to authenticate via google, since google don't allow webview anymore is there any work around.
Did anyone used Google tag manager with communities, I am trying to add virtual url using 
window.dataLayer.push({ event: ''event" , virtualURL : "/s/someurl", virtualTitle : "title or url"});
but this is not recogniced in Google console and it does not show that particular event when I check dataLayer from chrome console too. 
Did anyone faced same issue let me know how to resolve it.
I have a apex I have an apex batch job which runs every hour but due to some reasons if is getting stuck after a certain period of time. When it gets stuck for hours in processing it will fail and Salesforce below error will show up.
Salesforce System Error: 975357634-595302 (1377066817) (1377066817)
It is not throwing any exception and errors in debug logs just getting stuck
I have a scenario where I added an entitlement to a case. Entitlement has 2 milestones.
First milestones is getting added as soon as the case is getting created.
Second milestone has a condition that when case status or type changes to some value lets say 'X' then add second milestone.

The voliation action of first milestone has a field update action where it changes the type value to 'X' but still the second milestone is not added to the case. ONLY when you edit and save the case record without even changing anything the sceond milestone is getting added.

Why the second milestone is not added default. Is this is Salesforce Bug ?

When uploading a document either by the API or form the ui i notice that it is only accessable by the user who uploaded it, i can see that form the UI atleast i can share with indevidual user so that they can also access it.

is there a method to share the document with all users?

is there a method to share the document from the API?
- make it avalibe via a file 'Related list' on an opportunity?
 i need to update 50000 records at a time?
How to do?
I am having a challenge where I need to, with one button click, clone a record and then change the record type of the original record.   This is on a custom object called Employee.  My record types are “Current” and “Historical”.  Ideally I will have an employee record the is “Current” that needs updated and my HR manager will go to that record.  She will then push a button that will convert that record to the “Historical” record type and clone the new employee record to the “Current” record type. 

Any help or ideas on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.
Hi there,
Sorry if this is obvious and maybe I've been sitting oin front of the computer too long, but I'm having trouble writing a string of "IF" statements.

I'm trying to say...  
IF field => 1 and <=4 then write "New", otherwise write "Nil" & 
IF field => 5 and <=9 then write "Newer", otherwise write "Nil" & 
IF field => 10 and <=14 then write "Newest", otherwise write "Nil" & 

so on...

Can someone help me please?

Kind regards,
Hello everyone!

I am working on creating a lightning component that will pull data from an external API. Essentially, I want the component to exist on the Contact Record page and read off the email address if there is one. From there, it should reach out to the 3rd party API, request info about that email address, and display it inside the component. I have all of this figured out except for one thing. Right now, I have to have the API key for the 3rd party API hard coded into the component's code. I'd like to have it so that whoever adds component to the layout can enter their API key once, and have it stored and used with the component. Ideally, the user would be promped for thier key when they first install the component, but I would settle for persistant settings anywhere within Salesforce. Is something like this possible?

I have a requirement to store an AngularJS "SUM"  value being calculated directly on the VF page in an object.
I already have that value, just not sure how to being it in Salesforce..
​<span ng-bind="table.totalAmount"></span>
Does any one have any experience with such type of issue.


User-added image

I try to solve but not find any solution 

how to solve it

Thanks In advance
User-added image
hi friends i need your help to create above report

Hi there,

Apologies in advance for such a simple question - we are brand new to SF and just set-up web-to-lead. Now that the code is working on our website it uncovered a few questions:

1. How do we edit the form to add a new field in?
2. How do we change the email address that sends the confirmation email?
3. How do we know what leads are coming in from the web-to-lead form? Do we create a campaign for this?

Thank you,

SF Newbie 

Hi Everyone,

I have a text field that I want to start with a date in the dd/mm/yy format.

I am trying to get a REGEX validation rule to force this but I am struggling.

I need the rule to allow dd/mm/yy - *

The* will allow any text afterward.

Would someone be able to tell me the correct expression please?

Is it possible to create a New Button as URL of Notes&Attachment Related list of Opportunity?

I have written one restapi post method class. when i am trying to execute this api class through workbench . i am facing below error please help me out.

restExplorer Url Mapping :"/services/data/apexrest/dpWebPlanChg1"

global without sharing class DPWebPlanChange2017Dump {

public class DPWebPlanChange2017Exception extends Exception{}
    global static DirectPayResponse getDPWebPlanChangeData(DPWebPlanChange directPlanTrackerVar) {
        DirectPayResponse plnChngRes = new DirectPayResponse();
        // Get Account details
        Account updateAcc = getMemberData(directPlanTrackerVar.ssn, directPlanTrackerVar.dob, directPlanTrackerVar.FName, directPlanTrackerVar.LName);
        if(updateAcc != null) {
            //Insert Direct pay Plan Change Tracker record along with old values of Account
            plnChngRes = createDirectPayTrackerRecord(directPlanTrackerVar, updateAcc, plnChngRes);
            if(plnChngRes.result == 'ERROR')
                return plnChngRes;
            //Update Account only if it is Direct Pay
            //If a customer has enrolled for both Medicare and Direct Pay then that account will not be updated
            if(updateAcc.Medicare_Claim_Number_new__c == null){
                plnChngRes = updateDirectPayAccount(directPlanTrackerVar, updateAcc, plnChngRes);
                if(plnChngRes.result == 'ERROR')
                    return plnChngRes;
        //If Account not found
            //Insert Direct pay Plan Change Tracker record
            plnChngRes = createDirectPayTrackerRecord(directPlanTrackerVar, null, plnChngRes);
            if(plnChngRes.result == 'ERROR')
                return plnChngRes;
            //Insert Account if not exists
            plnChngRes = insertDirectPayAccount(directPlanTrackerVar, plnChngRes);
            if(plnChngRes.result == 'ERROR')
                    return plnChngRes;

        //Insert Opportunity 
        plnChngRes = insertDirectPayOpportunity(directPlanTrackerVar, plnChngRes);
        if(plnChngRes.result == 'ERROR')
            return plnChngRes;

        //Update Direct pay Plan Change Tracker record with Opportunity and Account
        plnChngRes = updatePlanChangeTrackerRecord(plnChngRes);
        if(plnChngRes.result == 'ERROR')
            return plnChngRes;
        return plnChngRes;

    //Get Account record based on DOB, SSN, First Name and Last Name
    private static Account getMemberData(String SSN, String dob, String firstName, String LastName) {
        Account accdata = new Account();
        try {
            accdata = [Select Id, Marital_Status__c, Primary_Language__c,Phone, PersonBirthdate,
                       PersonMobilePhone, PersonEmail, Physical_Address_Line_1__c, Medicare_Claim_Number_new__c,
                       Physical_City__c, Physical_State__c, Physical_Zip_Code__c, Mailing_State__c, 
                       Mailing_Address_Same_As_Home_Address__c, Mailing_Address_Line_1__c, Mailing_City__c,
                       Mailing_Zip_Code__c, Primary_care_physician_name__c, Physician_Address__c, Physician_State__c,
                       Physician_City_town__c, Physician_Zip_code__c FROM Account WHERE LastName = : LastName
                       AND FirstName = : firstName AND PersonBirthdate = : date.parse(dob) LIMIT 1];
        catch (Exception e) {
            system.debug('Exception Occured' + e.getMessage());
            return null;
            return accdata; 

Raw Response
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2016 07:17:44 GMT Set-Cookie: BrowserId=yTCuswHmRoKXZvYgWh5Zgw;Path=/;Domain=.salesforce.com;Expires=Tue, 13-Dec-2016 07:17:44 GMT Expires: Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8 Transfer-Encoding: chunked
[ { "errorCode" : "NOT_FOUND", "message" : "The requested resource does not exist" } ]

Hi All,
I have created a Web to Lead form and put it into the website. It is working fine when I fill that form but I am getting many random Leads as well after putting that form into the website whose name start with a number and Emails are different. These random records are generating in every 10-15 minutes. Kindly review my code and provide me the solution.

<form action="https://www.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.WebToLead?encoding=UTF-8" method="POST">

<input type=hidden name="oid" value="00D58000000OYjZ">
<input type=hidden name="retURL" value="http://friendsofdesign.net/thank-you"">
<input type="text" name="first_name" id="first_name" maxlength="100" placeholder="First Name" style="margin:0 0 3px 0;width:48%;float:left;clear:none;" required>
<input type="text" name="last_name" id="last_name" maxlength="100" placeholder="Last Name" style="margin:0 0 3px 0;width:48%;float:right;clear:none;" required>
     <input type="email" name="email" id="email" maxlength="100" placeholder="Your Email Address Here" style="margin:0;clear:both;margin-top:3px;width:100%;padding:10px 5px;font-size:1em;" required>

<select name="how_did_you_hear_about_us" class="select is_empty" id="lead_source" name="lead_source" style="margin-top:3px;" required><option value="None">How Did You Hear About Us?</option><option value="Advertisement">Advertisement</option>
<option value="Employee Referral">Employee Referral</option>
<option value="Other">Other</option>
<option value="RoadShow">RoadShow</option>
<option value="Career Expo">Career Expo</option>
<option value="Repeat Student">Repeat Student</option>
<option value="Cold Call">Cold Call</option>
<option value="External Referral">External Referral</option>
<option value="Online Course">Online Course</option>
<option value="Public Relations">Public Relations</option>
<option value="Sales Mail Alias">Sales Mail Alias</option>
<option value="Seminar-Internal">Seminar-Internal</option>
<option value="Facebook">Facebook</option>
<option value="Web Research">Web Research</option>
<option value="Chat">Chat</option>
<option value="Google">Google</option>
<option value="Twitter">Twitter</option>
<option value="Career Days">Career Days</option>
<option value="Gumtree">Gumtree</option>
<option value="Cape Times">Cape Times</option>
<option value="Cape Argus">Cape Argus</option>
<option value="The Star">The Star</option>
<option value="The Sunday Independent">The Sunday Independent</option>
<option value="Word of Mouth">Word of Mouth</option>
<select name="what_are_you_interested_in" class="select is_empty" id="00N5800000BLbi5" name="00N5800000BLbi5" style="margin-top:3px;" required><option value="None">What Are You Interested In?</option><option value="Full Time 2 Year Digital Design Course">Full Time 2 Year Digital Design Course</option>
<option value="Full Time 1 Year Print Design &amp; Publishing">Full Time 1 Year Print Design &amp; Publishing</option>
<option value="Full Time 1 Year Web Publishing &amp; Interactive Media">Full Time 1 Year Web Publishing &amp; Interactive Media</option>
<option value="Full Time 1 Year Game Graphics &amp; Multimedia Environment">Full Time 1 Year Game Graphics &amp; Multimedia Environment</option>
<option value="Part Time Desktop Publishing">Part Time Desktop Publishing</option>
<option value="Part Time Web Publishing">Part Time Web Publishing</option>
<option value="Part Time Electronic Publishing">Part Time Electronic Publishing</option>
<option value="Part Time Specialised Courses">Part Time Specialised Courses</option>
<p class="form_element hidden" style="margin: 0px;"><label>Form Type</label><select id="00N5800000BLWNP" class="text_input" title="Form Type" name="00N5800000BLWNP">
<option value="Subscribe">Subscribe</option>
<input type="submit" value="Subscribe" style="margin:10px 0 0 0;text-align:left;padding:10px 7px;">
Hi all,
I have the following scopes enabled for a connected app: api, id, refresh_token, web
However, when I go to authenticate with this app via OAuth, it says:

App is is asking to:
Access your basic information
Access and manage your data

Additionally, when I get the JSON verification request, I see this:
'scope': u'id api'

I've been toying around with the scopes for a while, trying to get any other scopes to show up. It seems like these are the only scopes that I can enable, and if I *don't* enable them, I get an OAUTH_APPROVAL_ERROR_GENERIC error with the following in the url: error=invalid_scope&error_description=the+requested+scope+is+not+allowed

What gives? I'm trying to get a refresh_token out of this, and it seems like there is something beyond my connected app setting that is preventing me from enabling any permission other than 'id' and 'api'.


I'm having a student object.
I'm having a dropdown filed. values are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

If a kid registered today for value 1, exactly after 1 year his value must be changed to 2.
How to update the dropdown field automatically. Please help me
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I am migrating data from one org to another, and hence am creating Member Statuses for multiple Campaigns at a time. I have used Data Loader to insert the values needed. However, I still get left with the default 'Sent' and 'Responded' values.

I was hoping to update these values to null using data loader. I turned on the 'Insert Null Value' setting, but I still receive an error message stating that the 'Value' column is a required field.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can delete these two values on mass?

I am testing OAuth integration with my App. Everything was going fine until over the weekend I lost my refresh tokens for my test accounts.

Now I am receiving this error:
{"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"expired authorization code"}

The redirect back returns a code. This code never changes. However, this code is deemed expired once I try to request an access token and refresh token. I imagine this is because the initial access token has expired and I need to use the refresh token to gain a new one. However, I do not have access to the original refresh tokens.

My question is, how to I reset this whole thing? I have tried the following in all possible combinations:

- In the client login, revoked oauth access to all apps
- In the client login, Reset API Key
- In the developer login, modify redirect_uri
- In the developer login, completely delete exisiting app and create a new one. The new app gives the same error.

I would just like to get both the Client Login and Developer Login App reset to square one. Then I can request my access and refresh tokens and, this time, reliably store them.