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If something goes wrong in lightning component and I go back to component bundle and mofidy the logic there and save and comeback to browser and refresh the page and execute the component , But the component is sometimes displaying the same old logic. Is it because the Javascript handler code is being cached in browser or any other reason. I am able to look at the new logic in browser after making three or four refreshes.
Setup a Flow with a visual force page that redirects a user to the salesforce home page, however, can anyone let me know how to redirect a user to another page within Salesforce1? Currently the user gets directed to the Salesforce.com page within a frame in SF1. 

here is my complete code: 
<apex:page standardController="RemodelerSurvey__c" standardStylesheets="false" showHeader="false" docType="html-5.0" >

            <style type="text/css" >
                <apex:stylesheet value="{!$Resource.CSSCode}" />



                     <apex:image url="{!$Resource.JHBRF_400px}"  style="max-width:90%" />

     <FlowContainer >
                  <flow:interview name="Business_Review_Form_Survey" buttonLocation="bottom" finishLocation="{!URLFOR('/home/home.jsp')}"/>
     </FlowContainer >




This question involves APEX triggers and APIs so I'm hoping someone can help. I've been SFDC admin and developer for over a decade but this one has me stumped.

My reps are getting flooded by SFDC generated contact transfer notifications and I have no idea how to stop them. Here' the order of events:
1) lead imported to Marketo
2) lead syncs with SFDC
3) SFDC Assignment rules applied (FYI, no email templates are used in this step)
4) Lead auto convereted by trigger and attched to Account
5) New Contact owner changed to match Account owner by trigger

There are no workflow or notification settings that I can see that would create a transfer notification...and here's the really wierd part. If I do all of the above steps, except start it by manually creating a lead in the SFDC UI, then no notification is sent. This only happens when the lead is injected from Marketo. That said, I am 100% sure the notification is sent from SFDC because I checked the email headers. So I think the answer must have something to do with some sort of API / trigger combination. Below is a copy of one of the transfer notifications.

All ideas for making this stop are welcome. Thank you very much.


Subject: Contact transferred to you.
Body: Contact [NAME] has been assigned to you. Please click on the link below to view the record.
I have a flow where I tried to add the multiselect picklist values to a collection variable but this simply added all values as one value (e.g. "x;y;z" rather than "x";"y";"z". How do I add these as individual values to the collection so that I can use them in a loop? 
  • October 30, 2014
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Hi. Apparently long text fields are not supported in list views or formulas.
Error: You referenced an unsupported field type called "Long Text Area" using the following field: Description
I'm trying to develop a formula that will display the first sentence from a long text field.
I thought that I could use a FIND function to locate the first period, then return the text before that.
But, the long text field that I'm looking for is not shown as a field that I can insert. (I want to use Lead > Description) So, I just typed it in.

Some of my users have leads that are the same except for the description, and I'm trying to figure out a better way for distinguishing them from a list view. Otherwise they look like dupes. I don't want to add an extra custom text field that they have to enter.

Thoughts on how to resolve? Alternatives? Thanks in advance.
I'm trying to use visualforce to perform the following:
A. Show related lists (and all headings) only if a related record exists.
B. If a related record does not exist, the particular section is not displayed.
I'm trying to use the apex:relatedList tag with the rendered attribute.
Is it possible to check if the list is empty as a boolean expression within visualforce without having to create a custom controller method? I have a working solution, but if I want to add this functionality for all related lists, it's a lot of extra controller code to write.
Thanks in advance.
VisualForce View Page
<apex:page standardController="Account" extensions="AccountHiddenListController">
    <apex:detail relatedList="false">
        <apex:relatedList list="Opportunities" rendered="{!relatedOpportunitiesExist}">    
Controller Code:
public class AccountHiddenListController
    private final Account account;
    private boolean relatedOpportunitiesExist;
    public AccountHiddenListController (ApexPages.StandardController accountController)
        this.account = (Account) accountController.getRecord();
    public boolean getRelatedOpportunitiesExist()
        if (this.relatedOpportunitiesExist != null)
            return this.relatedOpportunitiesExist;
        List<Opportunity> opp = this.getOpportunitiesList();
        if (opp.size() > 0)
            this.relatedOpportunitiesExist = true;
            this.relatedOpportunitiesExist = false;       
        return this.relatedOpportunitiesExist;
    public void setRelatedOpportunitiesExist()
    public List<Opportunity> getOpportunitiesList()
        if (this.account == null)        
            return null;       
        return [select o.id
        from Opportunity o
        where o.AccountId = :account.id];