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 I tried different scenarios to check how it looks when WF's goes into  recursion..but somehow it's not going to recursion. I just wanted to look into salesforce errors how it looks when recursion happens.
for example :
I have 2 WF's :
wf 1 : if field1 = 20 --> updates field2 = 30
wf2 : if field2 = 30 --> updates field1 = 20
revaluate condition is also checked in both WF rules.

Still those worfklows are not going into recursion.
Please can somebody help me with scenario where I will able see recursion of workflows. 

Thanks in advance.
Hi, I created one Flow in which I create a case through flow. When case is created user get an email saying that your case has been created ,but my requirenment is when that user reply to that mail it will update that case only and not create new case,so please tell me how should I do that... Thnks..!



Is there any way to retrieve the deleted record through API. 


I am getting the deleted records ID from the function getDeleted().

and tried to retrieve the record using SOQL , but i can't get it. 


Please let me if there is any other way.