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Is there any way to remove/hide "Save & New" button from particular custom object?  If so, can someone provide the steps for it pls?


Custom Object 1:  Project
Custom Object 2: Tasks
Custom Object 3: task names

I want to see when save a tasks(child) should return to parent record(Project).

Steps I am using:
-When clicking on 'create new task(custom button) will take to VF page
-Selecting some predifined field( task names) from VF page and click continue will redirect to Task object
- Saving this task record should redirected to parent record not child record -  How can I achieve this part?  How can I redirected to parent record? Can somebody help me?



I want to remove "Save & New" button on a custom object. I created a home page component and gave this (<script src="015Z0000000FJf7" type="text/javascript"></script>) in the body of the component.

I have placed this component on my home pagelayout.

I have created a .js file with below and uploaded to salesforce in Documents. Gave this document id above on the home page component

window.onload = hideBtns;

    function hideBtns()
    document.getElementsByName("save_new")[0].style.display = 'none';
    document.getElementsByName("save_new")[1].style.display = 'none';

It is not working for me. I am able to see the button. Am I missing something? How to make this work? Also how to remove the button on a single custom object and leave the button on all other objects. I would appreciate your help.

Thank you.