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I am going throught the example and I am at the first part where you should be able to save dating but it doe not save data and it does not give me an error.  I put an alert statement to make sure that the button is actually firing the code.  I have no idea if the object has data in it because all the Alert returns is "[object Object]"  It is not like in the Apex debugger where you can see the content of the object.  It feels like this java script frame work is a step back in time to me.  Not user friend development at all!

Below is part of the example where I put an alert statement that does pop up but like I said it doesn't show any content that the expense object would be holding.

Any ideas -- I have looked at this code over and over and over and over and I see it to be written as I see in the book!
upsertExpense : function(component, expense, callback) {    
        alert("upsertExpense before saveExpense call!");
    	var action = component.get("c.saveExpense"); 
        alert("upsertExpense after saveExpense action! " + expense);
            "expense": expense
        if (callback) {
        	action.setCallback(this, callback);

    },//Delimited for future code

Thanks in advance for your support.