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Hey ,

I´ve create a buttom where it creates a password based on the birthday of my account (YYYYMMDD) , the problem is that when we the day/month as a zero its ignored . Any one has a solutions:

Eg: Birthday : 1992/05/09
      Password : 199259 instead of 19920509

This is the code
 if( resultados != null && resultados.size() > 0){
            for(Account  result: resultados){
                    result.Username__c = result.NIF__c;
                    result.Password__c = ''+result.PersonBirthdate.day() + result.PersonBirthdate.month() + result.PersonBirthdate.year();

Thank u in advanced
Hey guys ,

I trying to produce a pdf based on info from a object call document , i have a field call signature_c and if the use field is filed that text will appear in the documento , if not the info will be based on a custom seeting.

My doubt is about the custom setting in the pdf , the custom seeting is called assinatura and will only have one field.

How do i call the custom seeting in the controller and compare with the field in the custom object dociment.

Thank in advance

I want to do a worflow in salesforce based on a multipick list values.

So ,i have a multi-picklist field called "Alert" that has 5 values ," 1 month" , "2ª Month", "3ª Month", "4ª Month", "5ª Month".
And i have 5 different email , each one for a different month( Email1month ,Email2month,Email3month,Email4month,Email5month)

I would like to do a worflow that will send the email depending on the values that the user choses , if only select one month , he will only recive one email .If he selects "1 month" , " 2 month" it sends the two corresponding  emails (Email1month ,Email2month) , if he selects the 1month, 2month ,5month it sends the corresponding email...

Can you help me with the formula please..i know i have to use the "Case" , but i m having some troubles building it.

I have create a URL field called resultados__c, and i want to, when this field is filled out, to show a download icon with a hyperlink for the URL in the resultados_c .

At this moment i have this , but its not working because it won t go to the url that i m inserting in the resultados__c

`HYPERLINK(Ficheiro_de_Resultados__c, IMAGE("/resource/DownloadIcon", "DownloadIcon",35,35))´

Any thoughts ?

ps:Im using Salesforce